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5-Time Champion

5 time armwrestling champion

Travish: This is Travish. Where else can I find information about Rick Zumwalt’s five world championships?

University Reference Liberian from Large Midwestern City: Hello

URLFLMC Thanks for contacting the [censored]

URLFLMC [censored] Library

URLFLMC: Can you tell me more about what you need? Is this information for an assignment?

Travish: Yes. I need secondary sources, possibly primary sources. In no way acceptible: tertiary

URLFLMC: Thanks. Are you a current [censored] student? This will help me point you to resources that are available to you.

Travish: yes, do you need my ID? my name is travish.

URLFLMC: I searched WorldCat to locate sources related to Rick Zumwalt. There were no matches other than links to movies in which he acted. I also searched biographical resources and found no information. I’m afraid that there may be no scholarly works related to Rick Zumwalt. I’m sorry I can’t provide further assistance.

Travish: I need an address to the world armwrestling association

Travish: I really need this information. I am LATE to my weight lifting class.

URLFLMC: Have you tried searching Google?

Travish: No, I use Bing

Travish: I have to go to my weight lifting class now. Let me know if you find anything.

Travish’s Commentary:
This wasn’t helpful at all!