I would do anything for love. But I won’t do that.

I won’t do that.

Travish: my name is Travish. I heard a song on the radio, but I don’t know who it is by or even the title. Can you help me?

University Reference Liberian from Pacific Midwest:  do you remember some of the words in the song, the lyrics?

Travish: yes

URLFPM: one suggestion would be to type what words you remember into Google

Travish:  i could do anything for love but i can’t do that

Travish: i didn’t want to go on Google because I wanted to see if the libary had it

URLFPM:  how about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27d_Do_Anything_for_Love_%28But_I_Won%27t_Do_That%29

Travish: That’s probably it. Yes!!

Travish: I’m trying to figure out what he can’t do. Wikipedia doesn’t say either.

Travish:  i hope it’s not lewd

Travish:  I don’t think lewd material is appropriate for the libary. ESPECIALLY for children.

URLFPM:  as you can see, the Wikipedia entry has a section on the meaning of “that”

Travish: I don’t know, it’s ambiguous

URLFPM:  beyond that, we can’t help you

Travish:  I see. You can’t do that

URLFPM:  right – my guess is that Meatloaf WANTS it to be ambiguous just to stir interest

Travish:  Ooooh. That makes a lot of sense.

Travish:  Is this song in the catalog? I need to check it out.

Travish: Also, is it Meatloaf or Meat Loaf?

URLFPM: I’ll see if the library has any Meatloaf albums

Travish:  Thanks

URLFPM:  not surprisingly, we have no Meatloaf (one word) albums but …

URLFPM:  let me check the [censored] public library

URLFPM: nope

URLFPM:  nothing in either library

URLFPM: but there are plenty of entries on Youtube

URLFPM: where you can see/hear the song performed

Travish:  thanks.  two out of three ain’t bad

URLFPM:  you’re welcome

Travish’s Commentary:

The Librarian suggested that I use Google and Wikipedia to answer this question.  It is hard to believe that these are the best research sources.  Also, they insisted that Meatloaf was the correct spelling, even though the article they sent me spelled it as Meat Loaf.  Everyone knows that Meat Loaf is two words. 



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