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The Age of Nirvana

12:44 Travish: how old would Nirvana be today? i need a primary source.

12:46 Unknown Librarian of Unknown Origins: Hello. The Almanac of Famous People says the group fromed in 1987.

12:48 Travish: thank you! I have to go to weightlifting class! My name is travish

Travish’s Commentary:
I don’t think the Almanac of Famous People is a primary source.  It SOUNDS like a tertiary source.


Chat Questions of the Past’s Future

Wolverine and Mystique team up for the new poster for X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Can anyone explain a future past?????


Question: What are days of future past?

[Big City Reference Libarian 10:45:28]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[BCRL 10:45:32]: Hello. Welcome to the (Censored) Chat Service!  I am reviewing your question now. (At the end of our chat session, if the e-mail  address you provided is correct, you will receive a complete transcript in your in-box.)

[BCRL 10:46:52]: Are we referring to the new X-men movie that is to hit the movie theater this coming Friday?

[TRAVISH 10:49:11]: Yes, but what does it mean?

[TRAVISH 10:53:32]: I don’t understand what a day of future past is

[BCRL 10:53:59]: Thank you for waiting. In this case, despite much searching, no official dictionary definition was found.

[BCRL 10:54:24]: In this case, it most likely refers to the storyline itself.

[TRAVISH 10:54:31]: I know!  It’s like they don’t want you to know what it is!

[TRAVISH 10:54:36]: Oooh

[TRAVISH 10:54:44]: So if I see the movie I will know?

[BCRL 10:54:53]: “Days of Future Past” is a popular storyline in the Marvel Comics comic book The Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142, published in 1980. It deals with a dystopian alternative future in which mutants are incarcerated in internment camps.”

[TRAVISH 10:55:39]: So in the future past, mutants are in internment camps?

[BCRL 10:56:05]: Most likely, it is referring to the past of an alternate future timeline.

[BCRL 10:57:30]: In this case, I am afraid that you will have to wait until the movie comes out, watch it or read about it afterwards to find out what it means.

[TRAVISH 10:59:05]: Ok, THANK you for your help

[TRAVISH 10:59:33]: Travish out

[TRAVISH 10:59:37]: Patron ended chat session.

[BCRL 11:01:59]: Anytime! Thank you for using (Censored) Chat Service, and have a nice day. All the best! Bye now.

15:25 Travish: What are days of future past???

15:25 Nosy Midwestern Liberrian: hello

15:26 NML: My name is (Censored) and I am at (Censored) Library

15:26 Travish: My name is Travish Continue reading Chat Questions of the Past’s Future

Contact Info for the Count of Monte Fisto

I NEED this man’s autograph!

TRAVISH: I want to write a letter to Carl Weathers?  I need to thank him for visiting my city.

Annonymous Canadian Libarian:
 Hello and welcome to (Censored). I am reading your question now and I’ll get back to you in a moment.

TRAVISH: Thank you, (ACL)

ACL: What city do you live in and what does Carl Weathers do there?

TRAVISH: He visited us to promote a new film

TRAVISH: I think he lives in L.A.

TRAVISH: An American Actor

ACL: Oh, Carl Weathers the actor.  I will see if I can find some contact information for him.

TRAVISH: Sorry, I know I should have said Actor

ACL: It’s ok, I am looking right now.


ACL: Yes, in Rocky.


TRAVISH: Sorry, I get excited when I talk about Rocky

ACL: You can contact him at :     Abrams Artists Agency – LA

ACL: 9200 Sunset Blvd. #407

ACL: Los Angeles, CA , 90069


ACL: tel: 310-728-1050, Fax 310-859-9791


ACL: web:

TRAVISH: THANK you! Sorry about the earlier confusion.

TRAVISH: Can I ask where you found that information, in case I need to look up other celebrities?

ACL: No problem.   Actually, I just find it online on two different sites.



TRAVISH: Incredible! That site also has Arn Anderson’s home address! Thanks again.

ACL: No problem.  Good luck with your letter.

Travish’s Commentary:

Great news, I can’t wait to send things to Arn Anderson’s house.  I already tweeted Carl Weathers, and he responded!  Though he did make sure to tell me that there “ain’t gonna be no retweet”

An Autograph Meets Nobody Half Way

Maybe I can get STALLONE to autograph my David Mendenhall picture too!

13:10 Travish: Hello, I’m not certain he would write me back but I really NEED David Mendenhall’s autograph. How can I write to him?

13:11 Chat Reference Liberrian From A Public University: Hi! Let me see if I can find an address online

13:11 Travish: Thank you!!!

13:12 CRLFAPU: nFan Mail Address:nnDavid MendenhallnTGMD Talent Agency n6767 Forest Lawn DrivenSuite 101nLos Angeles, CA 90068nUSA

13:14 Travish: Thank you! I hope he will personalize it. My name is Travish. (Lynne Reid Banks spelled my name wrong 😦

13:15 CRLFAPU: Oh no! Just sign your letter really prominantly…

Travish’s Commentary:

I sent a picture for David Mendenhall to autograph.  He is really smart, so I bet he will get my name right! (Not that Lynn Reid Banks isn’t smart, I’m PRETTY sure he is)

The Autograph And The Cupboard

I read the Indian (Native American) and the Cupboard in the fifth (5th) grade

Travish: Does he give autographs?

[Libarian From Texas 14:31:21]: Hi! I’m a librarian with (Censored) Public Library in Texas. I’m helping your librarians by answering questions for them right now.

[LIT 14:31:25]: Did you have a reference question I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:33:02]: Yes, I am obsessed with the Indian (Native American)
 and the Cupboard. I am looking for a mailing address

[LIT  14:34:30]: Are you looking for contact information for Lynne Reid Banks (author of The Indian in the Cupboard).

[Travish 14:36:53]: Yes.  He needs to make out the autograph to Travish, that’s my name.  Will he NEED my address?

[Travish 14:37:33]: I think it’s kind of an old book, if that helps

[LIT 14:38:19]: You can contact Lynne Reid Banks through her website:

[Travish 14:39:02]: No, I NEED his mailing address

[Travish 14:39:11]: Thank you for finding that though

[LIT 14:39:28]: You can also contact her mailing address through her pubisher, Harper Collins.

[LIT 14:39:36]: Lynne Reid Banks
c/o Author Mail, 18th Floor
HarperCollins Children’s Books
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

[LIT 14:40:22]: The email form might get you quicker response since it will go directly to her or to her team.

[LIT 14:40:51]: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:40:57]: Wow, that IS a tough decision

[LIT 14:41:23]: You can always try both. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:42:29]: This is a New York address, I thought he lived in the United Kingdom (Great Britain)

[LIT 14:42:46]: It is the address for her U.S. publisher.

[Travish 14:43:34]: Oh, I see.  Does that mean I will need to use extra stamps?

[LIT 14:44:12]: I would think if you are just sending a regular letter, one stamp should suffice.

[LIT 14:45:29]: My chat time is ending soon. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:46:19]: Just one more question.  Do you think he will NEED my address?

[LIT 14:46:58]: Yes, if you are requesting an autograph she will need to know where to send it to.

[Travish 14:47:42]: Ok, thank you for your assistance

[LIT 14:48:07]: Thank you for using our service.  Please log in again if you need further assistance. Goodbye.

[LIT 14:48:16]: Librarian ended chat session.

Travish’s Commentary:

Lynne Reid Banks emailed me and wanted to know why I can’t receive mail at home.  I said the answer is that my dad is a dumb jerk.  I REALLY hope Lynne Reid Banks sends me an autograph.  He seems very nice, though he did call me “Travis.”  MY NAME IS TRAVISH!

Sources: Beyond Tertiary


Travish: ​What comes after a tertiary source?

Libarian From An “Online” School In England: Welcome. We will be with you shortly…

LFA”O”SIE: Hi, welcome to the Webchat service. I can help answer your questions about (Censored) Library services and resources. Please may I have your (Censored) identifier (PI) or staff number?

Travish: Almost forgot to mention! My name is Travish.

LFA”O”SIE: Do you mean Primary and Secondary sources?

Travish: Exactly, although…I meant what comes after tertiary. Example: 1) Primary. 2) Secondary. 3) Tertiary 4) ???

LFA”O”S:IE I think its quaternary

LFA”O”SIE: After that its quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, and denary if you need them!

Travish: I am amazed!

LFA”O”SIE: All part of the service

Travish: Would you be able to give an example of a quaternary source? I understand the first two, and I THINK wikipedia is an example of tertiary. But I have no clue as to what comprises a quaternary source.

LFA”O”SIE: Not sure it relates to sources in industry it refers to industries providing information services

Travish: Thank you, I’m afraid I must be off now. Sadly, I’m running late for a weight training.

LFA”O”SIE: Ok – Bye – K​

Travish’s Commentary:

I am so confused!


How do you pronounce this country?

00:57 Travish: This is Travish. How do I pronounce Belarusian? I need to know this QUICKLY!

00:58 Unnamed Liberry Libarian From A University: one moment

00:59 ULLFAU:

01:00 Travish: Thanks, I thought it was Bella-Russian

01:00 Traish: I have to go to my weight lifting class now, I hope you are right about this

Travish’s Commentary:

I am still not convinced that it isn’t Bella-Russian, but I didn’t have time to ask further.  I got laughed out of my weight lifting class.

A Song From a Movie by that Van Halen guy

That Van Halen guy is a good armwrestler and sings a song I like

20:32 Travish: My name is Travish. I am trying to identify a song from a movie.

20:32 Travish: Can you help me with this??

20:33 Liberryian From Some Libary That I Forgot: Thank you for your question. What song?

20:33 Travish: I’m not sure

20:33 Travish: I think it is by that Van Halen guy

20:34 LFSLTIF: What movie was it used in?

20:34 Travish: I don’t know the name

20:36 LFSLTIF: You could try the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and type in Van Halen and see if their songs are listed.

20:36 Travish: it’s not by Van Halen

20:37 Travish: The movie was about a boy and his father. Rick Zumwalt was in it.

20:39 LFSLTIF: Rick Zumwalt has been in several movies – Batman returns (1992).

20:40 Travish: I like that one! But I don’t think that is the one I am think9ing of

20:41 Travish: It was in the 80s

20:41 LFSLTIF: He was in Father Hood (1993) – about a deadbeat dad.

20:42 Travish: i have not seen that

20:42 Travish: i just remembered, it has STALLONE in it

20:43 LFSLTIF: Over the Top ( 1987)

20:43 Travish: Yes, that looks right!!

20:44 Travish: But what is the song? I NEED to KNOW

20:45 LFSLTIF: The database I’m using doesn’t have a summary of the movie.

20:45 Travish: It’s about a boy and his father and Rick Zumwalt

20:46 Travish: How can I find out the song?

20:48 LFSLTIF: There’s a summary on Wikipedia ( that inclids tsongs from the soundtrack. “Winner Takes it All” – Sammy hagar is the first song listed.

20:48 Travish: Sammy Hagar! Yes! The Van Halen guy!!

20:48 Travish: Thank you

20:49 LFSLTIF: You’re welcome. Thank you for your question.

20:49 Travish: I have to go to my weight lifting class now

Travish’s Commentary:

Winner takes it all, Loser takes a fall.  I definitely won this question.  Like I would ever watch Father Hood!!

Thinking About Driving Truck

The truck is the most important thing for me

17:24 Travish: So do I need to buy my own truck?

17:24 Travish: By the way my name is Travish

17:28 Anonymous Libarian From a Mountain West University: hi Travish, how can we help you today @(censored) Library?

17:39 Travish: I am researching careers in truck driving

17:40 ALFAMWU: okay, i can try to help you…what class is it for & what kinds of sources do you need? (books, scholarly articles, careers, etc.?)?

17:47 Travish: I have spoken with my career development advisor about potential careers that would fit me based on my bryars-migg test, and I am afraid to talk with him about this, so I am doing personal research

17:48 ALFAMWU: okay, thanks for the update…i can send you some resources, such as careers & truck driving, etc….i’ll be right back, okay?

17:48 Travish: ok yes. THANK you so much

17:49 ALFAMWU: okay, one of the 1st places i’d recomend is the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the US Govt

17:50 ALFAMWU: here’s a link (i used the term truck driving)

17:50 ALFAMWU:

17:50 ALFAMWU: so then, u can click on the link about heavy & tractor trailer truck drivers to learn about the job, the salary, the working conditions, etc

17:51 ALFAMWU: is something like this useful to you?

17:56 Travish: i can’t figure out if i need to buy a truck. don’t some people buy a truck? and i cant figure out how i get paid $38,00 a year – is it by the mile or by the delivery? please help me, i am just trying to make sense out of this

17:57 ALFAMWU: okay, i can try to help u…generally, i believe it depends on the company you’re working for after you get all the licenses, etc

17:57 ALFAMWU: i’ll check for more details & be right back, okay?

17:57 Travish: yes good

17:59 ALFAMWU: http://www.(censored).com/cdl.htm

17:59 ALFAMWU: this link is requirements from (censored) for a commercial drivers license (CDL)

18:01 Travish: I have to go, I am going to be late for weight lifting class

Travish’s Commentary:

I still don’t know if I need to buy my own truck