Thinking About Driving Truck

The truck is the most important thing for me

17:24 Travish: So do I need to buy my own truck?

17:24 Travish: By the way my name is Travish

17:28 Anonymous Libarian From a Mountain West University: hi Travish, how can we help you today @(censored) Library?

17:39 Travish: I am researching careers in truck driving

17:40 ALFAMWU: okay, i can try to help you…what class is it for & what kinds of sources do you need? (books, scholarly articles, careers, etc.?)?

17:47 Travish: I have spoken with my career development advisor about potential careers that would fit me based on my bryars-migg test, and I am afraid to talk with him about this, so I am doing personal research

17:48 ALFAMWU: okay, thanks for the update…i can send you some resources, such as careers & truck driving, etc….i’ll be right back, okay?

17:48 Travish: ok yes. THANK you so much

17:49 ALFAMWU: okay, one of the 1st places i’d recomend is the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the US Govt

17:50 ALFAMWU: here’s a link (i used the term truck driving)

17:50 ALFAMWU:

17:50 ALFAMWU: so then, u can click on the link about heavy & tractor trailer truck drivers to learn about the job, the salary, the working conditions, etc

17:51 ALFAMWU: is something like this useful to you?

17:56 Travish: i can’t figure out if i need to buy a truck. don’t some people buy a truck? and i cant figure out how i get paid $38,00 a year – is it by the mile or by the delivery? please help me, i am just trying to make sense out of this

17:57 ALFAMWU: okay, i can try to help u…generally, i believe it depends on the company you’re working for after you get all the licenses, etc

17:57 ALFAMWU: i’ll check for more details & be right back, okay?

17:57 Travish: yes good

17:59 ALFAMWU: http://www.(censored).com/cdl.htm

17:59 ALFAMWU: this link is requirements from (censored) for a commercial drivers license (CDL)

18:01 Travish: I have to go, I am going to be late for weight lifting class

Travish’s Commentary:

I still don’t know if I need to buy my own truck


1 thought on “Thinking About Driving Truck

  1. You are so cool! I don’t sujppose I hae read a single hing like that
    before. So nice to fin somebody with a feww original thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thank you for styarting this up. Thhis site is oone thinmg that’s needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

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