A Song From a Movie by that Van Halen guy

That Van Halen guy is a good armwrestler and sings a song I like

20:32 Travish: My name is Travish. I am trying to identify a song from a movie.

20:32 Travish: Can you help me with this??

20:33 Liberryian From Some Libary That I Forgot: Thank you for your question. What song?

20:33 Travish: I’m not sure

20:33 Travish: I think it is by that Van Halen guy

20:34 LFSLTIF: What movie was it used in?

20:34 Travish: I don’t know the name

20:36 LFSLTIF: You could try the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and type in Van Halen and see if their songs are listed.

20:36 Travish: it’s not by Van Halen

20:37 Travish: The movie was about a boy and his father. Rick Zumwalt was in it.

20:39 LFSLTIF: Rick Zumwalt has been in several movies – Batman returns (1992).

20:40 Travish: I like that one! But I don’t think that is the one I am think9ing of

20:41 Travish: It was in the 80s

20:41 LFSLTIF: He was in Father Hood (1993) – about a deadbeat dad.

20:42 Travish: i have not seen that

20:42 Travish: i just remembered, it has STALLONE in it

20:43 LFSLTIF: Over the Top ( 1987)

20:43 Travish: Yes, that looks right!!

20:44 Travish: But what is the song? I NEED to KNOW

20:45 LFSLTIF: The database I’m using doesn’t have a summary of the movie.

20:45 Travish: It’s about a boy and his father and Rick Zumwalt

20:46 Travish: How can I find out the song?

20:48 LFSLTIF: There’s a summary on Wikipedia ( www.wikipedia.org) that inclids tsongs from the soundtrack. “Winner Takes it All” – Sammy hagar is the first song listed.

20:48 Travish: Sammy Hagar! Yes! The Van Halen guy!!

20:48 Travish: Thank you

20:49 LFSLTIF: You’re welcome. Thank you for your question.

20:49 Travish: I have to go to my weight lifting class now

Travish’s Commentary:

Winner takes it all, Loser takes a fall.  I definitely won this question.  Like I would ever watch Father Hood!!


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