An Autograph Meets Nobody Half Way

Maybe I can get STALLONE to autograph my David Mendenhall picture too!

13:10 Travish: Hello, I’m not certain he would write me back but I really NEED David Mendenhall’s autograph. How can I write to him?

13:11 Chat Reference Liberrian From A Public University: Hi! Let me see if I can find an address online

13:11 Travish: Thank you!!!

13:12 CRLFAPU: nFan Mail Address:nnDavid MendenhallnTGMD Talent Agency n6767 Forest Lawn DrivenSuite 101nLos Angeles, CA 90068nUSA

13:14 Travish: Thank you! I hope he will personalize it. My name is Travish. (Lynne Reid Banks spelled my name wrong 😦

13:15 CRLFAPU: Oh no! Just sign your letter really prominantly…

Travish’s Commentary:

I sent a picture for David Mendenhall to autograph.  He is really smart, so I bet he will get my name right! (Not that Lynn Reid Banks isn’t smart, I’m PRETTY sure he is)

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