The Autograph And The Cupboard

I read the Indian (Native American) and the Cupboard in the fifth (5th) grade

Travish: Does he give autographs?

[Libarian From Texas 14:31:21]: Hi! I’m a librarian with (Censored) Public Library in Texas. I’m helping your librarians by answering questions for them right now.

[LIT 14:31:25]: Did you have a reference question I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:33:02]: Yes, I am obsessed with the Indian (Native American)
 and the Cupboard. I am looking for a mailing address

[LIT  14:34:30]: Are you looking for contact information for Lynne Reid Banks (author of The Indian in the Cupboard).

[Travish 14:36:53]: Yes.  He needs to make out the autograph to Travish, that’s my name.  Will he NEED my address?

[Travish 14:37:33]: I think it’s kind of an old book, if that helps

[LIT 14:38:19]: You can contact Lynne Reid Banks through her website:

[Travish 14:39:02]: No, I NEED his mailing address

[Travish 14:39:11]: Thank you for finding that though

[LIT 14:39:28]: You can also contact her mailing address through her pubisher, Harper Collins.

[LIT 14:39:36]: Lynne Reid Banks
c/o Author Mail, 18th Floor
HarperCollins Children’s Books
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

[LIT 14:40:22]: The email form might get you quicker response since it will go directly to her or to her team.

[LIT 14:40:51]: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:40:57]: Wow, that IS a tough decision

[LIT 14:41:23]: You can always try both. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:42:29]: This is a New York address, I thought he lived in the United Kingdom (Great Britain)

[LIT 14:42:46]: It is the address for her U.S. publisher.

[Travish 14:43:34]: Oh, I see.  Does that mean I will need to use extra stamps?

[LIT 14:44:12]: I would think if you are just sending a regular letter, one stamp should suffice.

[LIT 14:45:29]: My chat time is ending soon. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[Travish 14:46:19]: Just one more question.  Do you think he will NEED my address?

[LIT 14:46:58]: Yes, if you are requesting an autograph she will need to know where to send it to.

[Travish 14:47:42]: Ok, thank you for your assistance

[LIT 14:48:07]: Thank you for using our service.  Please log in again if you need further assistance. Goodbye.

[LIT 14:48:16]: Librarian ended chat session.

Travish’s Commentary:

Lynne Reid Banks emailed me and wanted to know why I can’t receive mail at home.  I said the answer is that my dad is a dumb jerk.  I REALLY hope Lynne Reid Banks sends me an autograph.  He seems very nice, though he did call me “Travis.”  MY NAME IS TRAVISH!


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