Contact Info for the Count of Monte Fisto

I NEED this man’s autograph!

TRAVISH: I want to write a letter to Carl Weathers?  I need to thank him for visiting my city.

Annonymous Canadian Libarian:
 Hello and welcome to (Censored). I am reading your question now and I’ll get back to you in a moment.

TRAVISH: Thank you, (ACL)

ACL: What city do you live in and what does Carl Weathers do there?

TRAVISH: He visited us to promote a new film

TRAVISH: I think he lives in L.A.

TRAVISH: An American Actor

ACL: Oh, Carl Weathers the actor.  I will see if I can find some contact information for him.

TRAVISH: Sorry, I know I should have said Actor

ACL: It’s ok, I am looking right now.


ACL: Yes, in Rocky.


TRAVISH: Sorry, I get excited when I talk about Rocky

ACL: You can contact him at :     Abrams Artists Agency – LA

ACL: 9200 Sunset Blvd. #407

ACL: Los Angeles, CA , 90069


ACL: tel: 310-728-1050, Fax 310-859-9791


ACL: web:

TRAVISH: THANK you! Sorry about the earlier confusion.

TRAVISH: Can I ask where you found that information, in case I need to look up other celebrities?

ACL: No problem.   Actually, I just find it online on two different sites.



TRAVISH: Incredible! That site also has Arn Anderson’s home address! Thanks again.

ACL: No problem.  Good luck with your letter.

Travish’s Commentary:

Great news, I can’t wait to send things to Arn Anderson’s house.  I already tweeted Carl Weathers, and he responded!  Though he did make sure to tell me that there “ain’t gonna be no retweet”


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