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The Painter’s Predicament

WHY are there so many shades of orange???
WHY are there so many shades of orange???

12:15 Travish I need HELP!

12:15 Construction Site Liberrian How may I help you?

12:15 Travish I sprayed bleach on the bathroom wall. I was only trying to clean it and now the paint is faded where I sprayed iT!

12:16 CSL You probably have to repaint it.

12:16 Travish example: sometimes, the color at a paint store is called pumpkin, or spruce or whatever…how do i learn how to match the color?

12:16 CSL Can you take a chip of paint from the wall?

12:16 Travish I know! my dad will go nuts if he sees it! i need to paint it before he gets home. it is orange, but i dont know how to match the color EXACTLY

12:17 CSL Can you take a photo that matches the wall color?

12:17 Travish hmmmm

12:17 Travish do you think the photo will look the same?

12:18 Travish i cant get a chip

12:18 CSL It probably will not match but it may close. Try that, then go to a paint store to see what you can find.

12:18 Travish is there a tool that painters use that I can get, or a book about matching paints?

12:19 CSL Do this. Many paint stores or Lowes or Home Depot will give you paint samples. Take one of those home to match it to your wall.

12:20 CSL Or take a look at this web site:

12:21 CSL Here are some suggestions for matching paint colors:

12:21 Travish good IDEA!

12:21 CSL more suggestions:

12:21 Travish I looked at this page and think i can match it EXACTLY

12:22 Travish my dad won’t EVER know

12:22 CSL Great. Good luck

12:22 Travish okay i better go to lowes right now or i might be LATE

12:22 Travish thank you!

12:22 CSL bye

Travish’s Commentary:

I hope my dad doesn’t notice.  He’ll make me paint the ENTIRE bathroom.  HE IS A DUMB JERK!!


Pretend Names and REAL Names

WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas
What are there REAL names.

Travish: is there a book, that tells you people’s REAL names? example: meat loafs real name is probably james, or something like that.  alot of famous people have pretend names, and i’d like a book that says what the REAL names are?

[Emailing And Chatting Libarian 16:56:38]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[EACL 16:57:58]: Hello. Welcome!

[TRAVISH 16:58:19]: hi

[EACL 16:58:49]: The World Almanac has a section where entertainers original names and stage names are listed. I can see if there is something else too.

[TRAVISH 17:02:14]: i’ll look!  I have to go now or I will be LATE.  my favorite wrestler is john cena and i wanted to see what his real name was and triple H (not my favorite).  If you see a book please email it to  thank you.

Email sent later that day:


Triple H’s real name is Paul Michael Levesque.

John Cena’s real name is John Felix Anthony Cena.

Travish’s Commentary:

Hahaha, FELIX!

Who owns the moon.

I don’t even know what country this is, but I am PRETTY SURE that they do not own the moon

Travish: Who owns the moon.

County Reference Liberrian: Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am [Censored] and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question…

CRL: I’m going to send you an article addressing your question…
The librarian is sending you to

CRL: In short, no, the US does not own the moon.

CRL: The moon is unclaimable under the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which has so far been ratified by 100 UN member countries, including the United States.

TRAVISH: how can i get a copy of the Moon Agreement?

TRAVISH: (the treaty from 1979)

CRL: Let me see if I can find it online…

TRAVISH: i thought the usa would own the moon. so, if no one owns the moon, are there laws on the moon? (this is why i MUST read the Moon Agreement)

CRL: It is available online. I can send the document to open in your browser…
The librarian is sending you to

TRAVISH: i think this guy Dennis Hope is a LUNARtic

CRL: haha, I think I read a science fiction novel about those folks. Anything else I can help you with?

TRAVISH: it says:

TRAVISH: States Parties shall not place in orbit around or other trajectory to or around the moon
objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction or place or
use such weapons on or in the moon.

TRAVISH: but it means all celestial bodies, right?

CRL: I believe so. In 1979 we didn’t have quite as much access to other celestial bodies. I’m no lawyer, however.

TRAVISH: i was just thinking of superman iv: the quest for peace when Superman threw all those nuclear bombs into the sun to destroy them. he was breaking the moon agreement.

CRL: I’m afraid I didn’t see that movie. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

TRAVISH: it was not very good. i would still recommend it, though. mostly i would recommend OVER THE TOP. THAT is my FAVORITE movie. i better go. i am going to be late for weightlifting.

CRL: Thank you for using our service. Have a great workout.

Travish’s Commentary:

OVER THE TOP is a WAY better movie than superman iv (four) [4]: the quest for peace

Travish’s Web


Travish: What is the difference between SPIDERwebs and COBwebs?

[Libarian With Some Knowledge Of Arachnids 11:21:02]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LWSKOA 11:21:06]: Hello. Welcome to the (Censored) Chat Service!

I am reviewing your question now.

(At the end of our chat session, if the e-mail  address you provided is correct, you will receive a complete transcript in your in-box.)

[LWSKOA 11:21:43]: Spiders make both cobwebs and spider webs. The main difference between cobwebs and spider webs is that spiders do not live in cobwebs. Cobwebs are abandoned and left behind to collect dusts and other particles. This gives them their thick, gray appearance such as those seen in haunted houses, which have also been abandoned.

Another different between the two webs is that spider webs are more elegant to the haphazardly designed cobwebs. The spiders that design the more elaborate webs are from the Araneidae family. This family of spiders generally builds their webs outdoors and includes the common garden spiders and orb spinners. They spin new webs daily and consume the old; therefore, their webs are not left to collect debris.

[LWSKOA 11:21:57]: Source:

[Travish 11:23:23]: Mr. Matthews once told me that I have COBwebs in my brain.  Based on your explaination, that does not sound like a compliment!

[LWSKOA 11:25:42]: Anything else?

[Travish 11:25:52]: In Charlotte’s Web, a spider weaved messages into a web.  Now I KNOW that is impossible (spiders are illiterate), but is there a contest for most artistic SPIDERwebs?

[LWSKOA 11:26:53]: Not that I am aware of

[Travish 11:28:36]: Oh.  Well I ahven’t really searched that on Bing yet, I just thought of it because you said SPIDERwebs are elegant and elaborate.

[Travish 11:29:11]: THANK you for your help, I will let you know what I find out about SPIDERweb contests.  My name is Travish.

[LWSKOA 11:29:47]: You are welcome and thank you for using (Censored)

Travish’s Commentary:

I thought that libarian was lying, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about SPIDERweb contests on the whole Bing!

A Tale of Two (2) Cups

The Kings will NOT win the World Cup next year!
The Kings will NOT win the World Cup next year!

19:17 Travish This is Travish. Why is everyone talking about the world cup. I thought that already happened?

19:18 Chat Libarian From A University SchoolHey, Travish.

19:18 CLFAUS no, no, it’s still going on!

19:18 Travish but i thought the kings won (i hate the kings)

19:19 CLFAUS Can’t say I know much about the ‘Cup, but it’s still kickin’.

19:20 Travish oh wow. I did NOT know that

19:21 CLFAUS oh hey, I think we’re talking about two different cups.

19:21 CLFAUS Stanely Cup=hockey, World Cup=futbol

19:21 CLFAUS you’re right about the Kings moppin’ up at the Stanley.

19:23 Travish Oooohhhh. See, I THOUGHT that the kings had won the world cup (the coyotes are my team). i guess i got the cups mixxed up.

19:23 CLFAUS  no worries–I didn’t know, either, until my coworker corrected me.

19:25 Travish THANK you for your help. i hope the panthers win it!

Travish’s Commentary:

I WISH the Stanley Cup was still happening and the Coyotes would beat those NO GOOD Kings.  But I think the Panthers have a good shot at the World Cup.  They have Cam Newton, who else do they need??

Best Tag Team

Undoubtedly the all time greatest

00:42 Travish Strictly objectively, were the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express the greatest tag team ever?

00:42 Liberrian Express Absolutely 🙂

00:42 Travish FINALLY, someone who knows the FACTS

00:43 LE

00:44 LE 😎

00:45 Travish Nice. Did Sweet Stan Lane really have a black belt in karate?

00:46 LE That- I am not sure of

00:46 Travish I say yes, but Mr. Matthews said Jim Ross just made stuff up

00:48 LE LOL- that is probably true

00:48 Travish I think MR. MATTHEWS makes stuff up. He said that one time he beat Jim Cornette in tennis, but I KNOW that’s not true (Mr. Matthews is terrible at tennis)

00:48 LE 🙂

00:50 Travish Is there anywhere I could look up Sweet Stan Lane’s credentials?

00:50 Travish My dojo keeps a list of all former and current black belts

00:52 LE I only see a wrestling fan page

00:52 LE

01:01 Travish Wow, he was trained by Ric Flair!! No wonder he was so good.

01:02 LE Yep

01:02 Travish THANK you for your help. I have to go RIGHT NOW!!


01:02 LE You’re quite welcome. 🙂

Travish’s Commentary

I asked Tony Schiavone and he said the Andersons were the best, but I think this liberrian knows better.  (I don’t really belong to a dojo)

The Fruit of a Vegetable

The ultimate debate: is this a fruit or a vegetable?
The ultimate debate: is this a fruit or a vegetable?

Travish: this is travish. if a food has a seed in it does that make it a fruit

[Libarian That Knows A Lot About Agriculture 08:22:15]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LTKALAA 08:22:23]: Hi!  I’m (Censored) in (Censored). I am helping out your librarians by answering questions for them right now. I’m reading what you wrote so I can help you…

[LTKALAA 08:22:28]: Hold on, please.

[LTKALAA 08:24:28]: Reading the definition of “fruit” in my Webster’s Dictionary makes me think that yes: if it has a seed, it’s a fruit.

[TRAVISH 08:27:20]: ok, i had a debate with mr matthews about this because we couldnt figure out if a pumpkin is a fruit, and HE said it is if it has seeds, and I said a tomato is a fruit then? and he said YES.  now, i am sure a tomato is not a fruit, not a squash, either.  is there a way to tell if something is a fruit.

[LTKALAA 08:28:47]: Tomatoes are considered fruits. Best I can tell you – look up “fruit” in a dictionary.  But, of course, we think of tomatoes as vegetables, so it’s a language thing, isn’t it?

[TRAVISH 08:30:38]: i don’t know.  mr matthews speaks the same language as me.  or do you mean they call tomatoes fruits in america but not in places they speak spanish?

[LTKALAA 08:31:30]: No, it’s botany, really. A fruit is the reproductive body of a seed plant.

[LTKALAA 08:32:29]: So a lot of the vegetables we eat are the fruits of plants.

[TRAVISH 08:33:25]: like, corn is the fruit of the corn plant?

[LTKALAA 08:33:57]: An individual kernel of corn is a seed.

[TRAVISH 08:35:08]: hmmm.  i’ll have to tell mr matthews that a corn is a fruit!  he will be surprised at all this new knowledge that i know

[LTKALAA 08:35:34]: I didn’t say corn is a fruit.

[TRAVISH 08:35:53]: but it has seeds

[TRAVISH 08:36:07]: and a cabbage would be the fruit of a cabbage plant?

[LTKALAA 08:36:29]: Right. Now I’m wondering if the ear of corn is a fruit, or do botanists have a different name for the cereals?

[TRAVISH 08:38:40]: i just call them cereal.  unless you mean oatmeal.  but some people call that porridge, even though i’m sure thouse two are totally different things.  so, maybe its like: some people call oatmeal porridge and some people call fruits vegetables, and it really doesn’t matter what they are called, they are all fruits

[LTKALAA 08:39:45]: Our words aren’t always precise.

[TRAVISH 08:41:00]: right.  it must be different when a scientist or even a doctor needs to buy groceries, but for me, i will just call foods what i THINK they are

[LTKALAA 08:41:58]: In the news this week, some arganization concerned with school lunches says the potato is not a vegetable. The potato growers association is very upset.

TRAVISH 08:42:00]: a lot of cereal has corn in the ingredients which makes sense, because who would want to eat a vegetable cereal?  i know you only eat vegetables at lunch or after

[TRAVISH 08:44:04]: well i dont think it is a vegetable, but i dont think it is a fruit either.  it is more like bread, which isn’t either one.  maybe rasion bread, but only because it has a fruit in it.  i think a potato is a grain maybe? but the growers are probably upset because they want to sell more potatoes, not because they care about science

[LTKALAA 08:45:03]: Yes, they want to sell potatoes. Back during the Reagan administration, some official declared that ketchup was a vegetable.

[TRAVISH 08:46:04]: haha he could probably make people beleive that because he was a tv actor.  he probably thought mayonaise was a fruit

[TRAVISH 08:46:48]: i’ll tell my teacher about ronald reagan.  he thinks thats the best president ever, and i keep arguing with him about that

[LTKALAA 08:47:14]: It was part of the debate about school lnches, again. “Our kids must have vegetables,” you say? Okay, then – ketchup counts as a vegetable.

[LTKALAA 08:47:24]: lunches

[TRAVISH 08:49:43]: that sounds gross.  i usually bring my own food to school.  i like ketchup, but i wouldnt want to have to eat it as my vegetable.  i understand reagan made children hungry because he cut the food programs for poor parents.  i dont understand why my teacher likes him at all

[TRAVISH 08:50:24]: maybe it was different back then because of the cold war and the space race, but i still think kids should get to eat, and they should eat better foods than ketchup

[LTKALAA 08:50:45]: Yeah, better than ketchup is a good idea!

[TRAVISH 08:53:05]: well, it doesn’t even make sense because ketchup comes from tomatoes and tomatoes are a fruit because they have seeds.  it doesn’t make sense because its not even a real food.  its just a topping, like sprinkles.  haha.  i wonder if fruit flavored sprikles could be a fruit.

[LTKALAA 08:53:50]: So much to consider. Listen, I think I’d better go help some other patrons now, okay?

[TRAVISH 08:53:53]: it sounds like a bad time for kids to live.

[TRAVISH 08:54:22]: ok, i’ll think about the fruits and talk to my teacher.  you were a good help, thank you

[LTKALAA 08:54:34]: You’re welcome. It was fun!

[TRAVISH 08:54:36]: oh gosh im going to be LATE!

[LTKALAA 08:54:41]: Good-bye!  It’s been a pleasure serving you. If you need further help, please feel free to login again.  If you have provided a valid e-mail address, you will receive a transcript of this chat session in your e-mail.  Please take a moment to complete the survey!

[TRAVISH 08:54:42]: bye

Travish’s Commentary:

I was eating cabbage in class, and Mr. Matthews took it away.  I said “Ronald Reagan already took away vegetables from kids in school, and now you are taking away our fruit!!!”  He said that cabbage is not fruit AND he sent me to the vice principal’s office!

Higher Than MJ

Mr. Matthews can’t jump this high

Reference Libarian From SPACE: Ask a Librarian is an online service to help you find the information you need when you need it. It is staffed by librarians from all over (Censored). Are you interested in learning more about our service or do you have a question I can help you with?

TRAVISH: yes, hi! i need to know if anyone can jump higher than michael jackson

RLFS: Michael Jordan.

RLFS: Can I help you with anything else today?

TRAVISH: that’s really high! okay thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

I bet this libarian is a specialist on people’s jumping abilities!!

Luck be a Libary

The most unlucky day of the entire year!!!

12:41 Travish How can I ward off bad luck

12:41 An Online Libarian hi

12:42 AOL Don’t believe in superstition.

12:44 Travish But it’s Friday the 13th, it’s VERY foggy outside, and there is going to be a full moon tonight. That is not an option for me

12:44 AOL Perhaps you should enjoy the comforts of home and not go out today, then.

12:44 AOL Keep yourself safe.

12:46 Travish Normally I would do just that. But Mr. Matthews is very strict on attendance, so I didn’t really have a choice. Can you help me find any bad luck remedies?

12:47 AOL I’ll look for a website with remedies for you. Be right back.

12:48 AOL This one looks pretty interesting in a helpful sort of way. Check it out.

12:48 AOL

12:53 Travish I LIKE the idea of using crystals. I think I have a rabbit’s foot around somewhere too

12:53 AOL Good.

12:54 AOL Hope you have a great day dispite the 13th Friday , full moon and all.

12:54 Travish One more thing. Can you help me find out if any tv channels are showing Friday the 13th movies tonight? I always like to watch Friday the 13th movies on Friday the 13th.

12:55 AOL let me check. Be right back.

12:58 AOL According to, there are no listings for the showing of that movie in the next 14 days. Maybe you should try a service like NetFlicks or

12:58 Travish That’s too bad.

12:59 Travish THANK you for your help. My name is Travish i am friends with First Jason on Twitter

12:59 AOL Hope you liked our service, Travish. I don’t use Twitter.

Travish’s Commentary:

This liberrian better look out.  Bad luck and Jason always strike the people who expect it the LEAST!!

Welcome to the Libary

Is there a book about him?

Travish: I need to get a present for fathers day.  are there any books written about axl rose

[Northeastern Libarian In A Libary 17:44:16]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[NLIAL 17:47:18]: I will check

[TRAVISH 17:48:42]: i’m not sure if that is his real name.  sort of like meat loaf probably isn’t a real name either

[NLIAL 17:49:36]: Axl Rose  I know will check

[TRAVISH 17:50:48]: i bet slash isn’t that guys real name, either

[NLIAL 17:51:06]: Here is a link to paste in separate browser of about 10 books on Axl and Guns and roses – then you can use the titles to purchase one you like from Amazon:(link)

[TRAVISH 17:54:35]: why is W. Axl Rose : the unauthorized biography an  UNauthorized biography?

[TRAVISH 17:56:41]: does that mean its not accurate

[NLIAL 17:57:03]: NO

[NLIAL 17:57:49]: actually an “unauthorized” biography is  -more accurate – than an authorized biography – which usually only says “nice” things about the subject of the biography

[NLIAL 17:58:08]: If unauthorized it is generally more accurate

[NLIAL 17:59:21]: So I would reco the unauthorized bio

[TRAVISH 17:59:36]: is it primary or secondary source if axl rose did not write it?

[NLIAL 18:00:53]: It is a secondary resource – but note – any time a biography quotes a person making a statement, a newspaper article (at the time), or someone’s statement – it is using primary sources

[NLIAL 18:01:32]: So a biography is a secondary source that contains much of its material from interviews, news articles and other primary sources

[NLIAL 18:01:58]: I am sorry but I have to go now – that should give you a fair range of material on Axl

[TRAVISH 18:02:28]: i think my dad will like this ten.  he makes me do research without using wikipedia because it is not primary or secondary source.  plus he is in generation X

[NLIAL 18:02:53]: Okay good luck!

[TRAVISH 18:03:08]: thank you for your help, im going to be late for weightlifting!

[NLIAL 18:03:11]: welcome

Travish’s Commentary:

I think my dad will LIKE this UNauthorized Axl Rose biography.  He said science PROVED that Axle Rose is the best singer ever.  I’m not so sure, but it is Father’s Day.