Did Cena Win?

Cena would never resort to such CHEAP shots!

TRAISH: How can I find out if John Cena won last night?  Its not in the newspaper or on espy.  my dad won’t let me look on the internet. i can only visit my school page or library and sometimes boy scouts.

[Librarian That I Asked 08:29:02]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LTIA 08:29:09]: Hi

[LTIA 08:29:32]: Well I could see if I can find out for you if that would be okay

[TRAVISH 08:31:07]: thank you

[LTIA 08:33:01]: From reading a report on the internet, it would appear to have been a last man standing contest and Cena won

[LTIA 08:33:28]: I will not send you the link as you are not allowed to go on the internet


[TRAVISH 08:35:09]: i knew he would win.  CENANATION

[TRAVISH 08:35:15]: travish out.

[LTIA 08:35:56]: Thanks and bye

Travish’s Commentary:

I think my dad is secretly a member of the Wyatt Family


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