Highest Number (Extra Credit)

Why are Mr. Matthews extra credits always SO hard?

20:48 Travish: HI, my name is travish. I’m working on mr. matthews assignment to find the higest number. do you know what it is.

20:48 Some Liberrian From A College Libary the higest number in the world

20:49 SLFACL: I would think that infinity would be the highest number in the world.

20:50 SLFACL: Does that make sense to you?

20:50 Travish: i thought that means the end of time? he asked for the number

20:51 SLFACL: how is the question stated?

20:55 Travish: What do you think is the highest number? Explain how you arrived at this answer.

20:57 Travish: it is for extra credit

20:58 SLFACL: Here is a dictionary definition of infinity:

20:58 SLFACL: largest value that can be represented in a particular type of variable

21:01 Travish: is it more than a google?

21:01 SLFACL: It is more than a google.

21:01 Travish: thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

I woud have liked a primary source to confirm that an infinity is more than a google.  I don’t believe ANYHING is more than a google.  I DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING!!


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