Paper Out of Hell

One (1) of my primary sources

12:01 Travish: Select ONE (1) cultural icon from any decade. Explain their cultural relevance, using at least two primary sources and two secondary sources. You may use one tertiary source. (Extra credit: try throwing in a quaternary source). Length: MINIMUM Five (5) pages, typed.

12:01 Reference Liberrian From An Undisclosed Location: Hi

12:02 Travish: Hello

12:02 Travish: This paper is going to be the end of me.

12:02 RLFAUL: How can I help?

12:03 Travish: I chose Meatloaf (seventies). but I don’t understand what these different sources are. is a primary source a CD?

12:04 RLFAUL: Let me get you some info about primary, secondary, tertiary, etc

12:05 Travish: thank you

12:06 RLFAUL: This is an excellent overview of primary sources:

12:06 RLFAUL:

12:06 RLFAUL: You’ll see that, yes, sound recordings are listed as a primary source

12:07 RLFAUL: Posters and interviews are other ideas of primary sources for this topic

12:07 Travish: it says ”

12:08 Travish: “dissertations can themselves be primary sources or can be extremely helpful in identifying and locating primary sources.”

12:08 Travish: do you think its possible to find a disseration”

12:09 Travish: I got a album called “bat out of hell” and I have a lyrics book

12:09 RLFAUL: That’s two.

12:09 RLFAUL: I’m sure there are lots of interviews available

12:10 RLFAUL: It’s possible there is a dissertation available– your school library might have access to dissertations

12:11 RLFAUL: Videos can also be primary sources

12:12 RLFAUL: Remember that your assignment is to “Explain their cultural relevance”– so think about whether or not your sources will help you answer that question

12:13 Travish: I have three biographies

12:14 Travish: but they are not very good (very short, lots of pictures, old)

12:14 RLFAUL: Those would be secondary sources

12:15 RLFAUL: Where are you a student?

12:16 Travish: north (censored)

12:16 Travish: it’s for mr. matthews. my name is travish

12:18 RLFAUL: Travish, I’m just looking online to see what other resources are available for you

12:20 RLFAUL: Are you able to get to the (Censored) public library?

12:21 Travish: how can i get the extra credit?

12:21 Travish: yes

12:21 Travish: easilly

12:23 RLFAUL: The public library doesn’t have any books specifically about Meatloaf, but it does have a lot about pop and rock music

12:24 RLFAUL: I am sure some of those books will discuss Meatloaf

12:25 RLFAUL: Those would be secondary sources

12:28 Travish: Okay. I’ll go there this afternoon. what about the other sources

12:29 RLFAUL: A tertiary source would be something like an encyclopedia. The library will have those, as well

12:35 RLFAUL: I recommend asking your teacher for explanation of a quaternary source. My best guess is that it’s a wiki about a topic.

12:39 Travish: okay

12:39 Travish: this shouldn’t be too hard

12:40 RLFAUL: While you’re at the public library, do go to the desk

12:40 RLFAUL: (reference desk), because the librarians can show you some online resources, too

12:41 Travish: i will

12:41 Travish: okay

12:41 Travish: thank you, i have to go now or i’ll be late for weightlifting

12:41 RLFAUL: Good luck. Bye!

Travish’s Commentary:

I thought a 5 (five) page paper about MEAT LOAF would be easy but IT’S NOT EASY!!


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