The Time Traveler’s Libarian

16:28 Travish: example, in back to the future time travel is silly and missions are completed by use of a car and plutonium. but i need REALISTIC sicence fiction sub genre: time travel that also include sub genre restored Eden. time machine by hg wells was close to this, but the future was like half restored Eden and half dystopian.

16:28 Libarian From A Northeastern State’s Libary: please wait

16:31 LFANSL: okay

16:33 Travish: fiction, subgenre: science fiction: subgenre: realistic time travel (and within time travel restored Eden).

16:33 Travish: (NOT fantasy)

16:40 Travish: hello

16:41 LFANSL: I am still helping someone

16:42 LFANSL: We don’t carry that type of material. We focus on (State) government and industry

16:43 Travish: oh no

16:44 LFANSL: You might want to look at a public library

Travish’s Commentary:

This Northeastern state government probably devotes it’s resources to time travel (non-fiction) instead of realistic science fiction with time travel and restored Eden sub-genres.


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