Aliens in the Libary

This is what my brain felt like after I talked to this liberrian!

23:17 Travish: Why are books about aliens in non-fiction?

23:18 East Coast Chat Reference Libarian: Hi

23:18 Travish: Does it mean that aliens are REAL?

23:19 ECCRL: That’s an interesting question. Science Fiction books about aliens are in the fiction collection. The ones in nonfiction are written as hypotheses

23:20 ECCRL: In general those book are written as something that is possible/hypothetical

23:20 ECCRL: There are lots of fictional stories in the nonfiction collection

23:21 ECCRL: Fairy tales, for example, are usually in the nonfiction, with call number 398.2

23:21 ECCRL: Mythology is also in nonfiction

23:21 Travish: I thought fiction was fake and non-fiction was real.

23:21 ECCRL: Nope. Plays and poetry are also in the nonfiction collections in most libraries

23:22 Travish: Oh ok.

23:22 ECCRL: Everything in the fiction section is made up

23:22 ECCRL: But some fictional works are given Dewey decimal numbers and put in the nonfiction sectin

23:22 ECCRL: section

23:23 ECCRL: You can actually put ALL fiction in the nonfiction section. It would all be crammed together in the 800 call number range, and no one would be happy

23:24 Travish: I wouldn’t mind. Most of the fiction books I read are by Lynne Reid Banks or Susan Cooper, so as long as I could find them it would be good

23:25 ECCRL: At most colleges, the fiction is given a regular call number

23:25 ECCRL: Does that info help?

23:26 Travish: Wow, the 800 section must be really crowded in colleges

23:26 Travish: Yes, Mr. Matthews laughed at me for saying that aliens are real because their books are in non-fiction. Now I can impress him with my new knowledge!

23:26 ECCRL: 🙂

23:26 ECCRL: At most colleges, they use a different system

23:26 ECCRL: It’s called the Library of Congress classification system

23:26 ECCRL: It has more options because it uses letters and numbers

23:27 Travish: Wow! That’s something else I can tell Mr. Matthews!!

23:28 ECCRL: King of Shadows, by Susan Cooper has call number PZ7.C7878 Ki 1999

23:28 ECCRL: at (Censored)’s library

23:30 Travish: Nice! As long as it’s not the Boggart

23:30 ECCRL: Remember, too, that you can have a nonfiction book about a fictional topic

23:30 Travish: Now that just blows my mind

23:31 Travish: THANK you for your help. My name is Travish. I must go now.

23:32 ECCRL: Bye! Nice chatting with you

Travish’s Commentary:

When I told Mr. Matthews about all of this, he told me that I spend “too much time in the libary,” probably because I “have to do so much community service.”  That’s a LOW BLOW Mr. Mathhews!!


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