An EXTREME Sub-Genre

I don’t even understand this picture!

Travish: What is the difference between horror and EXTREME horror books?

[A Liberrian From A Texas Liberry 20:36:01]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[ALFATL 20:36:09]: Hello and welcome. My name is (Censored) and I am a librarian in (Censored). Our libraries share this chat service. Please let me read your question.

[ALFATL  20:37:36]: Extreme horror is a subgenre of horror novels. Generally, it’s categorized by being extremely bloody and gory,

[ALFATL 20:37:54]: does that help?

[Travish 20:39:04]: Yes.  Can you find a secondary source about the differences between horror and EXTREME horror?

[ALFATL 20:39:18]: sure

[ALFATL 20:40:54]: this is where i got the definition from. it’s what i used when ghost-writing horror reviews

[ALFATL 20:40:55]:

[ALFATL 20:41:52]: just for the record, is this for an assignment?

[Travish 20:41:57]: I was TOLD that it was scarier than regular horror.  Does that sound right?

[ALFATL 20:41:58]: and if so, what grade?

[ALFATL 20:42:06]: not exactly

[ALFATL 20:42:22]: i mean, it depends on what scares you

[ALFATL 20:42:47]: for example, the movie hostel is extreme horror, but it really, to me anyway, was just violent and gross.

[ALFATL 20:43:01]: but that’s not the type of thing that scares me

[ALFATL 20:43:40]: i like more of the gothic horror and the psychological horror.

[ALFATL 20:43:49]: the stuff that messes with your head is the kind of horror that scares me

[ALFATL 20:44:17]: although, i have to admit, there is something to be said for creepy kids

[Travish 20:45:05]: I read Ghost night and it wasn’t scary at all!

[Travish 20:45:34]: Who are some EXTREME horror authors?

[ALFATL 20:45:46]: let me take a look for you

[ALFATL 20:46:03]: also, extreme doesn’t have to be all caps, i feel like i’m in a mt. dew commercial 😉

[Travish 20:48:02]: I was scared by the movie the Conjuring.  I couldn’t sleep for three (3) days!!

[ALFATL 20:48:19]: Gonna send you a link to fear nets list.. it’s not for the faint of heart

[ALFATL 20:48:38]:

[ALFATL 20:49:19]: see, the conjuring is not extreme horror. it’s hauntings with a little bit of supernatural and possibly gothic thrown in with the whole haunted house angle.

[ALFATL 20:49:42]: (Sorry, I ❤ horror books.)

[Travish 20:50:09]: Would the Collector (movie) be EXTREME horror?  I thought it was kind of boring.

[ALFATL 20:50:25]: I think so…. I haven’t seen it.

[ALFATL 20:50:33]: It could also be psychological

[ALFATL 20:50:47]: The Saw movies are really BAD examples of extreme horror

[Travish 20:50:52]: Also, the pictures on fearnet frighten and repulse me

[ALFATL 20:50:53]: because they’re pretty poorly done

[ALFATL 20:51:00]: sorry

[ALFATL 20:51:04]: i was worried about that

[ALFATL 20:51:13]: but those are examples of extreme horror books

[ALFATL 20:52:13]: in general, poppy z. brite, kathe koja’s older works (she writes ya coming of age stories now)

[Travish 20:52:17]: That’s ok, I will show them to Mr. Matthews!!!

[ALFATL 20:52:41]: lol. trying to gross out the teacher?

[Travish 20:53:22]: yes

[ALFATL 20:53:29]: jack ketchum. I could not even finish Girl Next Door. That was not so much a scary book as it was a disturbing book

[ALFATL 20:53:37]: well, serves him right.

[ALFATL 20:53:50]: because mostly extreme horror is just that, gross and disturbing

[Travish 20:53:51]: I AGREE!

[ALFATL 20:54:08]: that’s just my opinion

[ALFATL 20:54:19]: well, sort of, it *is* in the subgenre’s definition

[Travish 20:54:30]: Oh, I agree about Mr. Matthews.  I am still undecided on EXTREME horror

[ALFATL 20:54:51]: what exactly was the assignment if you don’t mind me asking?

[Travish 20:54:57]: Ooh, what about Clive Barker.  Is the Hellbound Heart (Hellraiser) EXTREME horro?

[ALFATL 20:55:46]: I haven’t read it, but I know Clive Barker does write extreme horror. I’ve only read his tamer teen stuff

[Travish 20:57:11]: “Critically examine a genre of books.  Identify and define one (1) sub-genre, and explain what makes it a sub-genre.  Three (3) pages MINIMUM.  Typed.”

[ALFATL 20:57:29]: Ouch

[ALFATL 20:57:41]: Ok. So, I take it that you are examining horror

[Travish 20:57:52]: Yes

[ALFATL 20:58:19]: Does extreme horror HAVE to be your go-to subgenre or is it just something that you’re interested in learning about?

[Travish 21:00:01]: I am interested in it.  And i want to incorporate pictures into the paper

[Travish 21:00:19]: Wow, I have to go RIGHT NOW.  My name is Travish

[ALFATL 21:00:51]: Well, i hoped that was a good jumping off point!

[ALFATL 21:00:54]: Good luck on the paper

Travish’s Commentary:

I’m going to put my EXTREME horror pictures on page two (2) of my paper so Mr. Matthews won’t know what’s coming until it’s too late!



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