You Took the Meatloaf Right Out of My Mouth

Making meatloaf is a very STRESSFUL activity!

20:06 Travish: I need a QUICK recipe for meatloaf. It has to be read by 6:00!!! My name is Travish

20:07 Chat Reference Libarian From A Southern State: Hi

20:08 CRLFASS: I suggest checking or, and searching for meatloaf recipe

20:11 Travish: I found one that only cooks for 55 minutes!

20:11 Travish: It says that ketchup is optional. Do most people like ketchup on meatloaf?

20:12 Travish: I just don’t want people to get mad at me or be revolted by my meatloaf

20:14 CRLFASS: I’m not sure.

20:15 Travish: Ok, I’ll do half and half to be safe.

20:15 Travish: THANK you for your help. I have to start now if I want to get it ready in time and make it to my weightlifting class too.

Travish’s Commentary:

That libarian was wrong!  People got angry that there was no ketchup on part of the meatloaf.  One person INSISTED that there should be barbecue (BBQ) sauce on it.  And worst of all, I was still LATE to my weightlifting class!


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