Do Not Mispell Donut (Doughnut)

How do you spell this word?

Travish: Travish here, what is the correct spelling of doughnut/donut

Enthusiastic Libarian Who Chats: Hello and thank you for using Ask a Librarian. I’m (Censored), a librarian in (Censored). Just a moment while I consider your question.

ELWC: Best question of the morning!

TRAVISH: today is national donut day! I heard on the radio I can get a free donut at the donut shop

ELWC : May I send a webpage to your browser? It’s an explanation of the spelling variations from


The librarian is sending you to

ELWC: I’ll have to stop by our (Censored) doughnut shop, (Censored), to join the celebration

TRAVISH: I think I’m going to use DOUGHNUT. Donut seems like the way kids would spell it.


TRAVISH: thank you

TRAVISH: i hope you enjoy your free doughnut

Travish’s Commentary:

I got caught taking a DOUGHnut into the library.  They tried to CONFISCATE it so I ate it really quickly!


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