Chat Questions of Future Past

I don’t THINK this is a working time mahcine

[Libarian From The Present Day 12:43:01]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LFTPD 12:43:27]: I am currently helping another customer. While you are waiting, please type your question. If you cannot wait, feel free to chat with us later, email us or talk with a Librarian in Telephone Reference at (censored)

[Travish 12:45:54]: I am researching time travel (non-fiction).  Can you help me find people that claim to have invented time machines?

[LFTPD 12:55:24]: I can only google this topic if you would like. Please hold

[Travish 12:57:47]: Thank you

[Travish 13:02:55]: I have to go to my weightlifting class now (late).  I will ask again later, or, if their machines are LEGITIMATE, I will ask in the past.

[Travish 13:03:04]: Patron ended chat session.

[LFTPD 13:04:48]: Please check these links:

[LFTPD 13:04:54]: <>




[LFTPD 13:06:23]: I’m very sorry, but I have to log off now.  If you’d like more help with your question, please login again and another librarian will be able to assist you.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Travish’s Commentary:

In the future, I will go back in time and as the libarian this question.  So I will go to the past, but I will do this in the future (since I don’t have a LEGITIMATE time machine in the present).  That’s it, that’s what future past is!!!


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