A Book For a Difficult Person


Travish: I have so much time to read now, so I think I’ll try to mix things up between fiction (my favorite author is susan cooper and lynn reid banks) and non-fiction.  i want a NON-fiction book on how to work with difficult people.  this guy i know ALWAYS asks me if i watched the game last night, and I say for the last time, i don’t watch basketball or football (my sport is weightlifting).  I am sick of this guy.  can you recommend a book that is NON fiction that helps with this?  remember my favorite author is susan cooper though when you look.  please?

[Some Liberrian From A City 13:10:44]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[SLFAC 13:10:49]: Hello. Welcome to the (Censored) Chat Service!

I am reviewing your question now.

(At the end of our chat session, if the e-mail  address you provided is correct, you will receive a complete transcript in your in-box.)

[TRAVISH 13:10:58]: hello

[SLFAC 13:11:11]: To see if (Censored) owns particular items (such as books, periodicals, videos, etc.) you can always check The Library’s catalog: (link)

[SLFAC 13:11:57]: You can do a keyword search using the search terms “how to work with difficult people”

[TRAVISH 13:12:01]: i always look to see if my favorite books re in the library, but if i dont know the title i cant really look that way

[SLFAC 13:12:28]: here is an example of a list generated by the catalog

[SLFAC 13:12:30]: (link that doesn’t work) to work with difficult people&commit=Search&searchOpt=catalogue

[TRAVISH 13:14:45]: but how do i know if it is liek my favorite author.  usually when i look up non fiction books, they are harder to read

[SLFAC 13:15:35]: I am sorry, but I am not familiar with your favorite auther. You will have to take a look at the books on the list yourself and make that judgement yourself

[SLFAC 13:16:02]: author***

[TRAVISH 13:17:23]: she wrote the indian (native american) and the cupboard

[TRAVISH 13:17:40]: lynn reid banks did

[TRAVISH 13:18:24]: i found susan cooper (she wrote the dark is rising series) by doing a real-alikes search on lynn reid banks.  but i cant find a read-alikes for NON fiction

[SLFAC 13:22:36]: It is almost impossible to compare fiction to non-fiction writing styles when searching for a book to readin non-fiction

[SLFAC 13:23:27]: If you are looking for a non-fiction book on a topic it may be that there nare no books written in a similar fiction writing style

[TRAVISH 13:25:50]: i found this book but i cant read it because its for women:

[TRAVISH 13:25:53]: A Practical Business Guide for American Women of All Conditions and Ages, Who Want to Make Money but Do Not Know How

[TRAVISH 13:26:06]: and i found another one in spanish, and i cant read that either

[TRAVISH 13:27:38]: all the books are just about HOW, but they are how to work with difficult people

[TRAVISH 13:27:46]: is there one like that?

[SLFAC 13:27:54]: Sorry, but you will have to make these decisions yourself.

[SLFAC 13:28:27]: I have other patrons waiting for help and we have gone over our time limti.

Travish’s Commentary:

How am I ever going to learn how to deal with that guy i know??  I think I need the book on difficult people for this libarian too!


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