I bet HE could run a mile in less than three minutes and thirty seconds (3:30)

Travish: This is a SCIENCE question.  Will there ever be a man born that can run a mile faster than 3 minutes and thirty seconds.

[Southern Reference Libarian 16:57:14]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[Travish 16:57:42]: hello

[SRL 16:57:44]: I can’t say for sure

[Travish  16:58:10]: how can i find out?

[SRL 16:58:59]: That’s not the kind of thing we can really look up. It’s a matter of the mechanics and genetics and the conditions of the race and so forth

[SRL 16:59:36]: There is no way to predict if it will or will not happen. Too many possible variables

[SRL 17:01:39]: Do you have any other questions?

[Travish 17:02:00]: at some point, the limitations make things impossible

[Travish 17:02:11]: and i was wondering it it was impossible

[SRL 17:02:30]: True, but I don’t know that that has been identified as impossible.

[Travish 17:02:56]: so, it IS possible

[Travish 17:03:04]: i KNEW it

[Travish 17:03:07]: thank you

[SRL 17:03:11]: I didn’t say that

[SRL 17:03:27]: Merely that I don’t know what is or isn’t impossible

[SRL 17:03:37]: If that’s all I’ll let you go now

[Travish 17:03:47]: thank you

[Travish 17:03:50]: i have to go

14:26 Travish: Okay, will there ever be a man born that can run a mile FASTER than three minutes and thirty seconds (3:30).

14:26 Reference Chat Liberrian: Hi

14:27 Travish: The record is 3:43.13 according to my bing serach, but mr. matthews said I can’t just do a bing search or read wikipedidia. I need to read a sports journal (sports medicine?) or a science book.

14:27 Travish: hello

14:27 RCL: We can look for a source like that

14:27 RCL: (censored).org has lots of good sources

14:28 Travish: thank you, i asked my libarian yesterday, and she just said there was no way to know if it was possible or not. I was thinking about this promblem all night.

14:28 RCL: Well, I don’t think we’ll be able to answer whether or not it’s possible

14:28 RCL: but we can certainly find the current record

14:30 Travish: i need to see if it could happen, if scientists or professional sports journalists think so

14:30 Travish: and im not sure if that record has steriods on it

14:31 RCL: Are you a student or resident of (Censored)?

14:33 RCL: There is a Science News article in (Censored) about how scientists are trying to estimate top human speed.

14:33 Travish:yes

14:33 Travish: student in (Censored) and resident

14:33 RCL: Do you have a public library card?

14:34 Travish: my mom has one

14:34 Travish: hold on i’ll ask her

14:35 Travish:i need it for (censored) right?

14:35 RCL: yes. We only need the number, not the pin

14:35 RCL: Nothing will be checked out to the card.

14:35 RCL: It’s just to verify that you really do live in (Censored)

14:36 Travish: hold on

14:36 RCL: Sure. Just let me know when you have it

14:37 Travish: (numbers)

14:37 RCL: Okay. I need you to go to

14:37 RCL:(website)

14:37 RCL: in the search box on the left side of that page, type

14:37 RCL: speed record running

14:37 Travish: ok

14:39 Travish: Assessment of limits for racing speed in the Italian trotter population. ?

14:39 RCL: Nope, keep looking down

14:40 RCL: #2 should be “Breaking the speed limit”

14:41 Travish: okay it begins with Usain bolt’s record

14:41 RCL: Yes, but more important is describing how scientists are trying to estimate the top human speed

14:42 Travish: “Steroids bulk up fast-twitch muscles, which is why their use is banned in sports. But is it cheating, Weyand asks rhetorically, “if you’re reprogramming your own DNA?” (SN: 8/2/08, p. 16). The Salk scientists themselves recognized the potential for their experiment to be exploited, reporting their findings to the World Anti-Doping Agency. In the future, however, the line between natural and unnatural might not be so clear.”

14:43 Travish:hmm. this guy only ran the 100 meters

14:44 Travish: i’m doing a search for one mile speed limit running

14:45 RCL: Sure, but I think you need to consider using this article for its explanation of how scientists are figuring out how fast people can run

14:48 Travish:i will use that because i NEED scientists in this assignment

14:50 RCL: Yep. I’m looking for other articles, too.

14:51 Travish: i found this:

14:51 Travish: Nevill A, Whyte G. Are there limits to running world records?. Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise [serial online]. October 2005;37(10):1785-1788. Available from: CINAHL with Full Text, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 24, 2014.

14:51 Travish: but can only read the abstract

14:52 RCL: Alas, some are not available in full text

14:53 RCL: It does look helpful, though

14:54 Travish: the implication is there are limits, and humans are close to them…but i wish i could read it all

14:57 Travish: is there a way to get this magazine?

14:58 RCL: It’s possible that one of the universities has access to it, but you’d have to go there to get it.

14:58 RCL: Or colleges.

14:58 RCL: If you live near a big school and think you could get there, I can check for you

14:58 RCL: Just let me know which school

14:58 Travish: (name)

14:59 RCL: (Name) University?

15:01 Travish: yes, it’s pretty big, i went there for researching christopher marlowe once, but i can’t check anything out

15:02 RCL: It looks like they have it, let me check to see which libraries are open this weekend

15:03 Travish:i wonder if i can talk to their track coach

15:05 RCL: A lot of stuff is closed this weekend because of Memorial Day.

15:05 RCL: The main library is closed, but I’m checking on the medical library

15:06 RCL: When is your paper due?

15:11 RCL: I ask because the Medical Center at (Censored) has some good resources, but I don’t know if it’s open this weekend. For some reason, the medical center website is not coming up.

15:16 RCL: Are you still there?

15:17 Travish: hi

15:17 Travish: sorry, i got a call

15:17 Travish: friday

15:21 RCL: I think going to the medical center is going to be a good bet, but I can’t tell when they’re going to be open

15:22 RCL: If you go back into (Censored) and change your search to:

15:22 RCL: “running-records” exercise physiology

15:22 Travish: okay

15:22 RCL: there are a few more possible sources. One is good, but not terribly scientific.

15:26 Travish: Projection of world running records… Nevill AM, Whyte G. Are there limits to running world records? Med Sci Sports Exerc 37:1785-1788,2005.

15:26 Travish: looks good, but no text 😦

15:26 RCL: Yes, I see other good ones, but no full text

15:26 RCL: Two options:

15:27 RCL: keep a list of those, and head to the medical center at (Censored)

15:27 RCL: You can also limit to full text only by clicking the full text checkbox on the left side in (Censored)

15:29 Travish: ohhhh

15:29 Travish: okay!

15:30 Travish: i’ll try to go over there as soon as I get a ride

15:30 Travish: i saved them on word

15:30 RCL: Good plan. You can also email them to yourself

15:31 Travish: i’ll look for some more with the checkbox too. okay thank you!

15:31 Travish: this was good

15:31 RCL: You’re welcome!

15:32 Travish: Sorry so many of those good one aren’t full text. The publisher put limits on what can be full text

15:34 Travish: capitalism 😦

15:34 RCL: Yep

15:35 Travish: Thanks again! i’m OuT15:35 RCL: Good luck!

Travish’s Commentary:

I really showed up Mr. Matthews with all of my scientific research for this paper.


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