After Blu-Rays

Wait, is Green Lantern already on flash drive??

Travish: what comes after Blu-Ray

[Lazy Liberrian 08:53:43]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LL 08:53:48]: Hello, my name is (Censored)

[LL 08:53:51]: I am a librarian in (Censored). I am helping your librarians staff this service.

[LL 08:54:04]: Downloads or very large flash drives

[Travish 08:55:04]: THANK you.  Are those available right now

[Travish 08:55:22]: Or is it a future thing

[LL 08:55:31]: Not to the degree they will be implemented in 6 years

[Travish 08:56:26]: what do you mean by implemented.  is that like implanting? (in my skin)

[LL 08:57:34]: You don’t know what the word “implemented” means?

[Travish 08:58:21]: well i thought i did, but that question makes me think i don’t

[LL 08:59:06]: I answered your question. Is there anything else you need?

[Travish 08:59:46]: No, this is Travish.  I look forward to buying the Green Lantern flash drive in six years.

Travish’s Commentary:

How can I trust this guy?  He didn’t even provide a tertiary source.  Seriously, NOT EVEN A TERTIARY SOURCE!


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