Welcome to the Libary

Is there a book about him?

Travish: I need to get a present for fathers day.  are there any books written about axl rose

[Northeastern Libarian In A Libary 17:44:16]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[NLIAL 17:47:18]: I will check

[TRAVISH 17:48:42]: i’m not sure if that is his real name.  sort of like meat loaf probably isn’t a real name either

[NLIAL 17:49:36]: Axl Rose  I know will check

[TRAVISH 17:50:48]: i bet slash isn’t that guys real name, either

[NLIAL 17:51:06]: Here is a link to paste in separate browser of about 10 books on Axl and Guns and roses – then you can use the titles to purchase one you like from Amazon:(link)

[TRAVISH 17:54:35]: why is W. Axl Rose : the unauthorized biography an  UNauthorized biography?

[TRAVISH 17:56:41]: does that mean its not accurate

[NLIAL 17:57:03]: NO

[NLIAL 17:57:49]: actually an “unauthorized” biography is  -more accurate – than an authorized biography – which usually only says “nice” things about the subject of the biography

[NLIAL 17:58:08]: If unauthorized it is generally more accurate

[NLIAL 17:59:21]: So I would reco the unauthorized bio

[TRAVISH 17:59:36]: is it primary or secondary source if axl rose did not write it?

[NLIAL 18:00:53]: It is a secondary resource – but note – any time a biography quotes a person making a statement, a newspaper article (at the time), or someone’s statement – it is using primary sources

[NLIAL 18:01:32]: So a biography is a secondary source that contains much of its material from interviews, news articles and other primary sources

[NLIAL 18:01:58]: I am sorry but I have to go now – that should give you a fair range of material on Axl

[TRAVISH 18:02:28]: i think my dad will like this ten.  he makes me do research without using wikipedia because it is not primary or secondary source.  plus he is in generation X

[NLIAL 18:02:53]: Okay good luck!

[TRAVISH 18:03:08]: thank you for your help, im going to be late for weightlifting!

[NLIAL 18:03:11]: welcome

Travish’s Commentary:

I think my dad will LIKE this UNauthorized Axl Rose biography.  He said science PROVED that Axle Rose is the best singer ever.  I’m not so sure, but it is Father’s Day.


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