Best Tag Team

Undoubtedly the all time greatest

00:42 Travish Strictly objectively, were the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express the greatest tag team ever?

00:42 Liberrian Express Absolutely 🙂

00:42 Travish FINALLY, someone who knows the FACTS

00:43 LE

00:44 LE 😎

00:45 Travish Nice. Did Sweet Stan Lane really have a black belt in karate?

00:46 LE That- I am not sure of

00:46 Travish I say yes, but Mr. Matthews said Jim Ross just made stuff up

00:48 LE LOL- that is probably true

00:48 Travish I think MR. MATTHEWS makes stuff up. He said that one time he beat Jim Cornette in tennis, but I KNOW that’s not true (Mr. Matthews is terrible at tennis)

00:48 LE 🙂

00:50 Travish Is there anywhere I could look up Sweet Stan Lane’s credentials?

00:50 Travish My dojo keeps a list of all former and current black belts

00:52 LE I only see a wrestling fan page

00:52 LE

01:01 Travish Wow, he was trained by Ric Flair!! No wonder he was so good.

01:02 LE Yep

01:02 Travish THANK you for your help. I have to go RIGHT NOW!!


01:02 LE You’re quite welcome. 🙂

Travish’s Commentary

I asked Tony Schiavone and he said the Andersons were the best, but I think this liberrian knows better.  (I don’t really belong to a dojo)


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