A Tale of Two (2) Cups

The Kings will NOT win the World Cup next year!
The Kings will NOT win the World Cup next year!

19:17 Travish This is Travish. Why is everyone talking about the world cup. I thought that already happened?

19:18 Chat Libarian From A University SchoolHey, Travish.

19:18 CLFAUS no, no, it’s still going on!

19:18 Travish but i thought the kings won (i hate the kings)

19:19 CLFAUS Can’t say I know much about the ‘Cup, but it’s still kickin’.

19:20 Travish oh wow. I did NOT know that

19:21 CLFAUS oh hey, I think we’re talking about two different cups.

19:21 CLFAUS Stanely Cup=hockey, World Cup=futbol

19:21 CLFAUS you’re right about the Kings moppin’ up at the Stanley.

19:23 Travish Oooohhhh. See, I THOUGHT that the kings had won the world cup (the coyotes are my team). i guess i got the cups mixxed up.

19:23 CLFAUS  no worries–I didn’t know, either, until my coworker corrected me.

19:25 Travish THANK you for your help. i hope the panthers win it!

Travish’s Commentary:

I WISH the Stanley Cup was still happening and the Coyotes would beat those NO GOOD Kings.  But I think the Panthers have a good shot at the World Cup.  They have Cam Newton, who else do they need??


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