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Travish: What is the difference between SPIDERwebs and COBwebs?

[Libarian With Some Knowledge Of Arachnids 11:21:02]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LWSKOA 11:21:06]: Hello. Welcome to the (Censored) Chat Service!

I am reviewing your question now.

(At the end of our chat session, if the e-mail  address you provided is correct, you will receive a complete transcript in your in-box.)

[LWSKOA 11:21:43]: Spiders make both cobwebs and spider webs. The main difference between cobwebs and spider webs is that spiders do not live in cobwebs. Cobwebs are abandoned and left behind to collect dusts and other particles. This gives them their thick, gray appearance such as those seen in haunted houses, which have also been abandoned.

Another different between the two webs is that spider webs are more elegant to the haphazardly designed cobwebs. The spiders that design the more elaborate webs are from the Araneidae family. This family of spiders generally builds their webs outdoors and includes the common garden spiders and orb spinners. They spin new webs daily and consume the old; therefore, their webs are not left to collect debris.

[LWSKOA 11:21:57]: Source:

[Travish 11:23:23]: Mr. Matthews once told me that I have COBwebs in my brain.  Based on your explaination, that does not sound like a compliment!

[LWSKOA 11:25:42]: Anything else?

[Travish 11:25:52]: In Charlotte’s Web, a spider weaved messages into a web.  Now I KNOW that is impossible (spiders are illiterate), but is there a contest for most artistic SPIDERwebs?

[LWSKOA 11:26:53]: Not that I am aware of

[Travish 11:28:36]: Oh.  Well I ahven’t really searched that on Bing yet, I just thought of it because you said SPIDERwebs are elegant and elaborate.

[Travish 11:29:11]: THANK you for your help, I will let you know what I find out about SPIDERweb contests.  My name is Travish.

[LWSKOA 11:29:47]: You are welcome and thank you for using (Censored)

Travish’s Commentary:

I thought that libarian was lying, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about SPIDERweb contests on the whole Bing!


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