The Painter’s Predicament

WHY are there so many shades of orange???
WHY are there so many shades of orange???

12:15 Travish I need HELP!

12:15 Construction Site Liberrian How may I help you?

12:15 Travish I sprayed bleach on the bathroom wall. I was only trying to clean it and now the paint is faded where I sprayed iT!

12:16 CSL You probably have to repaint it.

12:16 Travish example: sometimes, the color at a paint store is called pumpkin, or spruce or whatever…how do i learn how to match the color?

12:16 CSL Can you take a chip of paint from the wall?

12:16 Travish I know! my dad will go nuts if he sees it! i need to paint it before he gets home. it is orange, but i dont know how to match the color EXACTLY

12:17 CSL Can you take a photo that matches the wall color?

12:17 Travish hmmmm

12:17 Travish do you think the photo will look the same?

12:18 Travish i cant get a chip

12:18 CSL It probably will not match but it may close. Try that, then go to a paint store to see what you can find.

12:18 Travish is there a tool that painters use that I can get, or a book about matching paints?

12:19 CSL Do this. Many paint stores or Lowes or Home Depot will give you paint samples. Take one of those home to match it to your wall.

12:20 CSL Or take a look at this web site:

12:21 CSL Here are some suggestions for matching paint colors:

12:21 Travish good IDEA!

12:21 CSL more suggestions:

12:21 Travish I looked at this page and think i can match it EXACTLY

12:22 Travish my dad won’t EVER know

12:22 CSL Great. Good luck

12:22 Travish okay i better go to lowes right now or i might be LATE

12:22 Travish thank you!

12:22 CSL bye

Travish’s Commentary:

I hope my dad doesn’t notice.  He’ll make me paint the ENTIRE bathroom.  HE IS A DUMB JERK!!


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