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Raiders of the Lost Ark Help

This game is WAY too hard!
This game is WAY too hard!

Travish: I need help with Raiders of the lost ark on atari 2600?

Libarian From A Place I Have NEVER Heard Of: Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am (Censored) and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question…

LFAPIHNHO: I am sending you a link that should help you.

Travish: Raiders of the lost ark is too hard! you have to play it with two (2) controllers. it took me thirty (30) minutes just to figure that out!

Travish: Also, i can keep the snake from attacking me by playing the stupid flute. I HATE THE SONG IT PLAYS!! is there any way to change the song?

LFAPIHNHO: I’m sorry, I don’t have access to information of the settings for the game. There should be a way to set some preferences that may include audio.

LFAPIHNHO: Do you have any more questions that I can help you with?

Travish: I will LOOK for that! THANK you for your help. I am going to play 1 (one) more level and THEN i am going to weightlifting

LFAPIHNHO: My pleasure. Thank you for using Ask a Librarian.

Travish’s Commentary:

PLEASE, if you know how to change the flute song, let me know!!! I HATE that song!!!


Can You Pronounce Pecan?

HOW do you pronounce this?
HOW do you pronounce this?

18:53 Travish Hello. My name is Travish. I will need to know how to pronounce the word PECAN. I really NEED this information before I get home tonight!

18:54 Libarian Answering A Question About Food Hello. One moment please.

18:55 LAAQAF There are several ways to pronounce that word. Wikipedia shows the different pronunciations:

18:56 Travish I can only think of at least two (2). But which one is correct? I don’t think you can EVER trust wikipedia

18:56 LAAQAF Okay. Let me see if I can find you a more definitive source.

18:57 Travish Thank you, wikipedia says a pecan is not even a nut! Now THATS nuts.

19:02 LAAQAF This is the pronunciation from Merriam Webster:

19:03 LAAQAF There is also a a Youtube video: but I think that’s more for fun than a definite source.

19:03 Travish it sounds like the villain (bad guy) from star trek. pick kahn.

19:04 Travish i KNEW that was it. Mr. Matthews always says PEE can, and I think that is atrotious coming from an english teach

19:04 LAAQAF Happy to help. Please feel free to rechat if you have other questions.

Travish’s Commentary:

Sometimes I think Mr. Matthews is a COMPLETE IDIOT!!

Who’s the Bad Guy?

This guy doesn’t look scary at all!!

Travish: Hi, my name is Travish.  I need to find out who the villain (bad guy) is from the new Star wars movie.

[Western Reference Libarian 12:27:17]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[WRL 12:27:36]: Welcome to Ask a Librarian. This is (Censored). I’m reading your question…please hold on.

[WRL 12:27:57]: Hi, Do you need the film name or the name of the actor playing the role?

[Travish 12:28:25]: yes!  both of these answers!
[WRL 12:28:41]: OK, let me see what I can find.  Please hold on.

[WRL 12:31:07]: Here is an article I found:

[Travish 12:32:21]: well he doesn’t look very scary.  i hope they make him wear a scary mask.

[WRL 12:32:56]: I am finding other articles with the same guy:

[WRL 12:34:21]: Does that answer your question?

[Travish 12:34:40]: i THINK he could be scary if he wore a mask.  do you know what the name of the movie is?

[WRL 12:36:15]: I am finding it just called “Star Wars: Episode VII”:

[WRL 12:37:59]: Here is a better source for the cast:

[Travish 12:43:12]: peter mayhew looks terrifying!  maybe HE is the villain

[WRL 12:43:44]: Could be!  Can I help you with anything else?

[Travish 12:46:50]: THANK you.  My name is Travish and my favorite movie is Over the Top, but I CANT WAIT for this movie to finally come out.  I have to go RIGHT NOW or I’m going to be completely LATE!

[WRL 12:47:05]: Thanks for using the Ask a Librarian chat reference service! Please contact us again if you have additional questions. When you’re ready, click on the “X” button to end this session.

Travush’s Commentary:

They should get RICK ZUMWALT to be the villain (bad guy) in the movie just like he was Bob “Bull” Hurley in Over The TOP!  He didn’t even NEED a mask!

Factory Errors?

You KNOW this guy makes alot of erorrs!!
You KNOW this guy makes alot of erorrs!!

00:45 Travish How many factory errors does specifically the Coca-Cola company make per year?

00:45 Research Libarian From A State Hello.

00:45 RLFAS How can I help you?

00:45 Travish How many factory errors does specifically the Coca-Cola company make per year?

00:46 RLFAS What type of errors are you meaning?

00:47 Travish Cans that get released but are empty with no liquid in them

00:47 RLFAS Ah. Interesting question. Let me see what I can find.

00:50 Travish I drank two (2) of my dad’s Cherry Coke Zeroes while he was at his softball game last weekend. My dad is OBSESSED with these drinks, and would be very mad so I asked a libarian how to make it looked like the cans have not been opened. He gave me a video that showed how to do this, so I was able to FOOL my dad (he is a dumb jerk). I became too confident, and now ten (10) out of the twelve (12) cans are empty. My dad thinks it is a factory error, and is going to complain!

00:51 Travish I just want to make sure this is possible, and he won’t realize what REALLY happened

00:52 RLFAS Wow. Okay. I started by looking at Coca Cola’s website and then a general web search to see what I could find. I couldn’t find anything about empty cans being sold.

00:52 Travish Uh oh

00:52 RLFAS You could try contacting Coca Cola directly to see if they have any information.

00:53 RLFAS They might have a solution to the problem. Or can give you information.

00:53 Travish Can you find their contact information

00:54 RLFAS Okay, I did find this at Yahoo! Answers:

00:55 RLFAS It seems like it is something that happens. I will get the contact information for Coca Cola. One moment.

00:55 Travish Excellent!

00:55 Travish Plus he may get a coupon, that will make him really happy!

00:56 Travish My name is Travish, by the way

00:56 RLFAS The contact information for Coca Cola is located at the bottom of this page:

00:57 Travish THANK you for your help. My dad is really crazy about this stuff. We went to Burger King and they had one of those machines that has a lot of drinks in them, and you can choose the flavors for each drink (cherry, lime, vanilla, etc.). Well the cherry was out, so he couldn’t get Cherry Coke Zero. He yelled so much at the manager that we were banned (they took our pictures and everything). I do NOT want him to know i am involved!

00:57 RLFAS I hope this helps. Have a good evening.

00:57 Travish THANK you!! I will now!!!!!

Travish’s Commentary:

It’s not my fault i keep drinking all of his Cherry Coke Zeroes, their really GOOD!  I would LIKE to be able to go back to Burger King.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Can!

I am afraid of this happening to my drinks!
I am afraid of this happening to my drinks!

Travish: I need your helpp.  I watched a video about how to make it look like a can has not been opened.  I did this so my dad wouldn’t know that I drank some of his Cherry Coke Zeroes.  But now I am AFRAID to drink cans anymore because someone could have done this to me!

[Travish 13:32:07]: Here is the video

[Soda Safety Specialist Liberrian 13:33:37]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[SSSL 13:34:00]: Hello and welcome. My name is (Censored) and I am a SSSL in (City). Our libraries share this chat service. Please let me read your question.

[SSSL 13:35:24]: I am sorry to hear that, have you tried to tell your Dad that you have done that?

[SSSL 13:35:29]: Maybe that would make you feel better

[Travish 13:36:25]: NO WAY!! He is OBSESSED with those drinks.  He just thinks it was a factory error.  He is not the one I am concerned about messing with them anyway (not too much at least)

[SSSL 13:39:10]: I am glad to hear that is not what you are worried about, so do you want to know how cans made or do you want to find some information on not to feel afraid anymore about something?

[Travish 13:40:28]: What i really want is to find out where i can get a drink machine like Little Caesar’s has

[Travish 13:40:48]: i think those are MUCH safer than cans

[SSSL 13:41:08]: Hold on while I try to find out that information

[SSSL 13:43:07]: Well, depending on which kind of machine you are looking for, you can search for soda machines for sale online…

[SSSL 13:43:08]:

[SSSL 13:43:24]: There are a lot of options, depending on which Little Caesar you attend to

[SSSL 13:43:51]: Would this help you get started?

[Travish 13:49:34]: Yes, I think so!

[SSSL 13:49:54]: Good-bye!  It’s been a pleasure serving you. If you need further help, please feel free to login again.  If you have provided a valid e-mail address, you will receive a transcript of this chat session in your e-mail.  Please take a moment to complete the survey!

Travish’s Commentary:

Is anyone selling a Little Caesars drink machine?  I really NEED it!  Note: trades welcome

An Unopened Can of Worms


Travish: So I need information on how to make it look like a can has not been opened.

[Big Time Liberrian 15:54:56]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[BTL 15:55:12]: Hi I’m (Censored). I am helping out your library as their staff aren’t available to chat right now. I’m reading your question…

[BTL 15:55:56]: Just to clarify, are you trying to reseal a can like a soup can?  Or some other type of can?

[TRAVISH 15:57:01]: I drank two cans of my dad’s Cherry Coke Zero.  He is at a softball game right now, and I do NOT want him to realize that I drank them.  He is OBSESSED with these drinks!

[BTL 15:57:51]: Ok thanks. I’ll see if I can find any websites to help you

[BTL 15:58:00]: This may take a few minutes

[TRAVISH 15:58:17]: That’s ok, i have some time before he gets back

[BTL 16:00:44]:

[BTL 16:01:25]: If that youtube link won’t load for you

[BTL 16:01:33]: Try the link from this search results –

[BTL 16:01:51]:

[BTL 16:03:09]: Did you need any other assistance at this time?

[TRAVISH 16:05:35]: No, that is fantastic!  My dad is just going to think it is a factory error!

[TRAVISH 16:05:46]: My name is Travish and my dad is a dumb jerk!

[TRAVISH 16:05:57]: THANK you for your help!

[BTL 16:06:06]: If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for using the service. Goodbye!

Travish’s Commentary:

My dad is going to be completely FOOLED!!

From Phoenix to Arizona

I do NOT own a jersey like this.  Yet!!
I do NOT own a jersey like this. Yet!!

17:48 Travish so are the coyotes leaving phoenix?

17:49 A University Liabrian At A University I doubt it. They are really

17:49 AULAAU happy there

17:49 Travish i’m happy that they’re there too.

17:50 Travish but i heard they were changing their name to arizona coyotes.

17:50 AULAAU lol

17:51 Travish yes it does sound funny

17:52 Travish THANK you for your help. I was scared that they were LEAVING phoenix!

17:52 Travish My name is Travish

17:52 AULAAU I like their logo

17:52 AULAAU

17:53 Travish wow, that IS different

17:54 Travish what am i going to do with my phoenix coyotes jeresey? i just bought it two (2) days ago

17:54 AULAAU ever heard of

17:55 Travish yes. i tried to sell some of my dad’s softball stuff on there once. he was NOT happy.

17:55 AULAAU not the smartest move, I would think

17:56 Travish you sound just like Mr. Matthews.

17:57 AULAAU I take that as a compliment. I am a university librarian.

17:57 Travish wow, i bet you had to go to libary school for that!

17:58 AULAAU I did. MLS from the University of Pittsburgh (PA)

17:59 Travish oh, so you’re a penguins fan. they are ok, but i HATE the l.a. kings!

18:00 AULAAU My son actually played practice matches with Mario Lameau (sp/)

18:00 AULAAU He played deck hockey

18:00 Travish wow!

18:02 AULAAU Travis, it’s been nice chatting with you, but my hour of information service is up. Gotta go.

18:02 Travish THANKS for your help my name is TRAVISH my favorite coyotes player is Nikolai Khabibulin!

18:02 AULAAU oops — mistyped

18:03 Travish thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

I can’t BELIEVE my Coyotes jersey is already out of date!!  Note: Is anyone interested in buying a Phoenix Coyotes jersey (like new)?

Where’s Lebron Going?

What team will he be on?
What team will he be on?

Travish: Where is Lebron going to PLAY next year.

Basketball Question Libarian: Hi, Travish. As far as I can tell he has not made a decision. ESPN has a story updated at 3:02 today indicating that he has not even decided to move. Here is a link to that story.

TRAVISH: OMG I hope he STAYS. He is my favorite player and I think he is the best. I think he is better than all the players, even kobe bryan and michael jackson

BQL: When I want to find out things as soon as they make the news, I go to and do a news search.

TRAVISH: is there one for bing, to?

BQL: That would be:

BQL: I use the news search sites frequently because i like to be the first to know.

BQL: Can I help you with anything else today?

TRAVISH: THANK you. I will search the news for Lebron james and Star wars everyday until I get my answers. I better go RIGHT NOW or I am going to be LATE :/

BQL: Thank you for using Ask a Librarian, and we hope you come again.

Travish’s Commentary:

I HOPE the Heats keep Lebron, but I do NOT care if they keep Crhis Bosh!!

Phone Questions of Future Past

Wolverine NEVER has problems with his phone company!
Wolverine NEVER has problems with his phone company!

My dad was doing a chat question with the phone company, and he used my name OF ALL THINGS!!  Note: this is NOT with a libarian!  Eventually he threw his hands in the air and told me to talk to the guy because he couldn’t deal with him anymore.  I BET you can figure out when I took over!

Phone Company Chat Guy: Hello there Travish, I see you wanted a confirmation regarding your employee discount and cost of your monthly bill with the discount applied, Let me take care of that for you.

Travish: yes thank you

PCCG: Let me pull up your account so I could take a look, how’s your day going so far?  🙂

Travish: it’s okay

PCCG: Great. 🙂  Upon checking Travish, the company gave you $20 service discount which will apply to the base price of your current plan, the Mobile Share 1GB

Travish: $20 or 20%?

PCCG: Oh, apologies for that its 20%, since your 1GB has the base price of $27.00 we will take the discount and only apply with the base, not for the whole month charge.  🙂

Travish: i understand, can you explain what my total bill will be after the discount and taxes each month?

PCCG: We can give the approximate bill every month with the discount, however we cannot compute yet with the taxes because it depends on your usage charges.

Travish: ok, just need an approximate number my friend

PCCG: Actually Travish, the discount is already available online, you can check that by clicking View bill, you’ll notice that we already have used your discount.  🙂

PCCG: *company discount

Travish: my question to you, is as follows: Can you tell me, using a round number, approximately how much my bill is going to be each month?

PCCG: Its $74.43 to be exact,

PCCG: You can check this information by logging in your AT&T account, I understand your question Travish.

Travish: i pay $74.43 per month with the discount?

PCCG: Yes.

Travish: My plan says I pay $72.00 a month for one GB. ($27 mobile share fee + $45 smartphone)

Travish: that equals $2.43 less that the amount you told me.

Travish: and it doesn’t include the 20% discount

Travish: So, from what I can tell, it should be $66.60 per month. plus tax. Correct?

PCCG: The 20% company discount, does not apply to the whole monthly charge.  It only applies with the $27 base price of your Mobile Share 1GB.

Travish: 20% of 27.00 is $5.40.

Travish: 27 -5.40 = 21.60

Travish: 21.60 + 45 = 66.60.

Travish: Correct?

PCCG: That’s right.

PCCG: What indicates on your first bill is $4.39.

Travish: so why did you say it was $74.43

PCCG: That’s with tax.

Travish: fine. what will it be next month?

PCCG: It’s gonna be the same monthly recurring charges moving forward. $66.60 before tax.

Travish: that’s the question i asked you 20 minutes ago

Travish: thanks for everything (Censored)

PCCG: Most welcome, aside from this, is there anything else I help you with Travish?

Travish: yes

PCCG: What else can I help you with today?

Travish: have you seen days of future past?

PCCG: Not yet but I really want to.  T_T

Travish: i just cant figure out what the title means? Continue reading Phone Questions of Future Past