Phone Questions of Future Past

Wolverine NEVER has problems with his phone company!
Wolverine NEVER has problems with his phone company!

My dad was doing a chat question with the phone company, and he used my name OF ALL THINGS!!  Note: this is NOT with a libarian!  Eventually he threw his hands in the air and told me to talk to the guy because he couldn’t deal with him anymore.  I BET you can figure out when I took over!

Phone Company Chat Guy: Hello there Travish, I see you wanted a confirmation regarding your employee discount and cost of your monthly bill with the discount applied, Let me take care of that for you.

Travish: yes thank you

PCCG: Let me pull up your account so I could take a look, how’s your day going so far?  🙂

Travish: it’s okay

PCCG: Great. 🙂  Upon checking Travish, the company gave you $20 service discount which will apply to the base price of your current plan, the Mobile Share 1GB

Travish: $20 or 20%?

PCCG: Oh, apologies for that its 20%, since your 1GB has the base price of $27.00 we will take the discount and only apply with the base, not for the whole month charge.  🙂

Travish: i understand, can you explain what my total bill will be after the discount and taxes each month?

PCCG: We can give the approximate bill every month with the discount, however we cannot compute yet with the taxes because it depends on your usage charges.

Travish: ok, just need an approximate number my friend

PCCG: Actually Travish, the discount is already available online, you can check that by clicking View bill, you’ll notice that we already have used your discount.  🙂

PCCG: *company discount

Travish: my question to you, is as follows: Can you tell me, using a round number, approximately how much my bill is going to be each month?

PCCG: Its $74.43 to be exact,

PCCG: You can check this information by logging in your AT&T account, I understand your question Travish.

Travish: i pay $74.43 per month with the discount?

PCCG: Yes.

Travish: My plan says I pay $72.00 a month for one GB. ($27 mobile share fee + $45 smartphone)

Travish: that equals $2.43 less that the amount you told me.

Travish: and it doesn’t include the 20% discount

Travish: So, from what I can tell, it should be $66.60 per month. plus tax. Correct?

PCCG: The 20% company discount, does not apply to the whole monthly charge.  It only applies with the $27 base price of your Mobile Share 1GB.

Travish: 20% of 27.00 is $5.40.

Travish: 27 -5.40 = 21.60

Travish: 21.60 + 45 = 66.60.

Travish: Correct?

PCCG: That’s right.

PCCG: What indicates on your first bill is $4.39.

Travish: so why did you say it was $74.43

PCCG: That’s with tax.

Travish: fine. what will it be next month?

PCCG: It’s gonna be the same monthly recurring charges moving forward. $66.60 before tax.

Travish: that’s the question i asked you 20 minutes ago

Travish: thanks for everything (Censored)

PCCG: Most welcome, aside from this, is there anything else I help you with Travish?

Travish: yes

PCCG: What else can I help you with today?

Travish: have you seen days of future past?

PCCG: Not yet but I really want to.  T_T

Travish: i just cant figure out what the title means?

PCCG: Who’s your favorite character?


PCCG: Hahaha! You’re funny >__<

Travish: right? who do you like the best?

PCCG: Wolverine because Hugh Jackman is the best

Travish: he is a BEAST (note: not the character beast). I hope he doesn’t die though. I can’t WAIT to see this movie. I watched X-Men 3 last night. Mr. Matthews said I HAD to watch it before days of future past or it won’t make sense!!!

PCCG: I think it meant, ‘your future will be a repetition of your past?’  But I’m not sure. You’re more intelligent than me though Travish.

PCCG: Yes, I know. His character is really something to look forward to in the movie.

Travish: i THINK it must be about time travel, or at least multiple time lines. but i LIKE your answer a lot!

PCCG: Yes, definitely agreeing with that.

PCCG: Hope you enjoy watching the movie Travish. 🙂

Travish: Well, I can’t go tonight because of rehearsal. However, I already ordered two (2) tickets online for IMAX. I’m going to take a super hot date. i wish i could take her in a sports car, but I don’t have one 😦 I have a honda.

Travish: IMAX 3D!




Travish: Why don’t you go already!?

PCCG: I have work! Haha. I will have to help others after chatting with you, so thank you  for giving me the opportunity to help you today, you awesome creature.

PCCG: Take care now!  ^_^

Travish: Oh, man. you should go AFTER work. I hope you go this weekend. and i hope my date likes my car :/

PCCG: What’s wrong with a Honda? When you have IMAX 3D TICKETS!!!!

Travish: Exactly. I don’t know if she will understand it though, she hasn’t even seen x-men 2!

Travish: Honestly, i don’t care if she even likes it. I just can’t wait to see it. AND I’m going to start doing weightlifting like hugh jackman, so if she doesn’t like me after this movie, she will when she sees my NEW biceps!

PCCG: She’s a girl, of course she will love to watch romance over x-men. But If you love her, you’ll do anything for her.  I know you can do it~

PCCG: Hahahaha!

Travish: I don’t know if I CAN love a girl that doesn’t love X-men. Well, she is super hot, so maybe.

PCCG: Go ahead and prepare now for that Travish, rooting for you.  ^_^

Travish: whew, thanks! i’ll let you know how the movie is, AND about the date.

PCCG: Sure. Don’t hesitate to chat us back  🙂  Bye now~

Travish: thanks, I have to go RIGHT NOW!

PCCG: Haha bye Travish.  ^^

Travish’s Commentary:

Who hasn’t seen X-Men 2????


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