An Unopened Can of Worms


Travish: So I need information on how to make it look like a can has not been opened.

[Big Time Liberrian 15:54:56]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[BTL 15:55:12]: Hi I’m (Censored). I am helping out your library as their staff aren’t available to chat right now. I’m reading your question…

[BTL 15:55:56]: Just to clarify, are you trying to reseal a can like a soup can?  Or some other type of can?

[TRAVISH 15:57:01]: I drank two cans of my dad’s Cherry Coke Zero.  He is at a softball game right now, and I do NOT want him to realize that I drank them.  He is OBSESSED with these drinks!

[BTL 15:57:51]: Ok thanks. I’ll see if I can find any websites to help you

[BTL 15:58:00]: This may take a few minutes

[TRAVISH 15:58:17]: That’s ok, i have some time before he gets back

[BTL 16:00:44]:

[BTL 16:01:25]: If that youtube link won’t load for you

[BTL 16:01:33]: Try the link from this search results –

[BTL 16:01:51]:

[BTL 16:03:09]: Did you need any other assistance at this time?

[TRAVISH 16:05:35]: No, that is fantastic!  My dad is just going to think it is a factory error!

[TRAVISH 16:05:46]: My name is Travish and my dad is a dumb jerk!

[TRAVISH 16:05:57]: THANK you for your help!

[BTL 16:06:06]: If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for using the service. Goodbye!

Travish’s Commentary:

My dad is going to be completely FOOLED!!


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