From Phoenix to Arizona

I do NOT own a jersey like this.  Yet!!
I do NOT own a jersey like this. Yet!!

17:48 Travish so are the coyotes leaving phoenix?

17:49 A University Liabrian At A University I doubt it. They are really

17:49 AULAAU happy there

17:49 Travish i’m happy that they’re there too.

17:50 Travish but i heard they were changing their name to arizona coyotes.

17:50 AULAAU lol

17:51 Travish yes it does sound funny

17:52 Travish THANK you for your help. I was scared that they were LEAVING phoenix!

17:52 Travish My name is Travish

17:52 AULAAU I like their logo

17:52 AULAAU

17:53 Travish wow, that IS different

17:54 Travish what am i going to do with my phoenix coyotes jeresey? i just bought it two (2) days ago

17:54 AULAAU ever heard of

17:55 Travish yes. i tried to sell some of my dad’s softball stuff on there once. he was NOT happy.

17:55 AULAAU not the smartest move, I would think

17:56 Travish you sound just like Mr. Matthews.

17:57 AULAAU I take that as a compliment. I am a university librarian.

17:57 Travish wow, i bet you had to go to libary school for that!

17:58 AULAAU I did. MLS from the University of Pittsburgh (PA)

17:59 Travish oh, so you’re a penguins fan. they are ok, but i HATE the l.a. kings!

18:00 AULAAU My son actually played practice matches with Mario Lameau (sp/)

18:00 AULAAU He played deck hockey

18:00 Travish wow!

18:02 AULAAU Travis, it’s been nice chatting with you, but my hour of information service is up. Gotta go.

18:02 Travish THANKS for your help my name is TRAVISH my favorite coyotes player is Nikolai Khabibulin!

18:02 AULAAU oops — mistyped

18:03 Travish thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

I can’t BELIEVE my Coyotes jersey is already out of date!!  Note: Is anyone interested in buying a Phoenix Coyotes jersey (like new)?


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