Factory Errors?

You KNOW this guy makes alot of erorrs!!
You KNOW this guy makes alot of erorrs!!

00:45 Travish How many factory errors does specifically the Coca-Cola company make per year?

00:45 Research Libarian From A State Hello.

00:45 RLFAS How can I help you?

00:45 Travish How many factory errors does specifically the Coca-Cola company make per year?

00:46 RLFAS What type of errors are you meaning?

00:47 Travish Cans that get released but are empty with no liquid in them

00:47 RLFAS Ah. Interesting question. Let me see what I can find.

00:50 Travish I drank two (2) of my dad’s Cherry Coke Zeroes while he was at his softball game last weekend. My dad is OBSESSED with these drinks, and would be very mad so I asked a libarian how to make it looked like the cans have not been opened. He gave me a video that showed how to do this, so I was able to FOOL my dad (he is a dumb jerk). I became too confident, and now ten (10) out of the twelve (12) cans are empty. My dad thinks it is a factory error, and is going to complain!

00:51 Travish I just want to make sure this is possible, and he won’t realize what REALLY happened

00:52 RLFAS Wow. Okay. I started by looking at Coca Cola’s website and then a general web search to see what I could find. I couldn’t find anything about empty cans being sold.

00:52 Travish Uh oh

00:52 RLFAS You could try contacting Coca Cola directly to see if they have any information.

00:53 RLFAS They might have a solution to the problem. Or can give you information.

00:53 Travish Can you find their contact information

00:54 RLFAS Okay, I did find this at Yahoo! Answers: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090519154550AA4pwc3

00:55 RLFAS It seems like it is something that happens. I will get the contact information for Coca Cola. One moment.

00:55 Travish Excellent!

00:55 Travish Plus he may get a coupon, that will make him really happy!

00:56 Travish My name is Travish, by the way

00:56 RLFAS The contact information for Coca Cola is located at the bottom of this page: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/contact-us/

00:57 Travish THANK you for your help. My dad is really crazy about this stuff. We went to Burger King and they had one of those machines that has a lot of drinks in them, and you can choose the flavors for each drink (cherry, lime, vanilla, etc.). Well the cherry was out, so he couldn’t get Cherry Coke Zero. He yelled so much at the manager that we were banned (they took our pictures and everything). I do NOT want him to know i am involved!

00:57 RLFAS I hope this helps. Have a good evening.

00:57 Travish THANK you!! I will now!!!!!

Travish’s Commentary:

It’s not my fault i keep drinking all of his Cherry Coke Zeroes, their really GOOD!  I would LIKE to be able to go back to Burger King.


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