Can You Pronounce Pecan?

HOW do you pronounce this?
HOW do you pronounce this?

18:53 Travish Hello. My name is Travish. I will need to know how to pronounce the word PECAN. I really NEED this information before I get home tonight!

18:54 Libarian Answering A Question About Food Hello. One moment please.

18:55 LAAQAF There are several ways to pronounce that word. Wikipedia shows the different pronunciations:

18:56 Travish I can only think of at least two (2). But which one is correct? I don’t think you can EVER trust wikipedia

18:56 LAAQAF Okay. Let me see if I can find you a more definitive source.

18:57 Travish Thank you, wikipedia says a pecan is not even a nut! Now THATS nuts.

19:02 LAAQAF This is the pronunciation from Merriam Webster:

19:03 LAAQAF There is also a a Youtube video: but I think that’s more for fun than a definite source.

19:03 Travish it sounds like the villain (bad guy) from star trek. pick kahn.

19:04 Travish i KNEW that was it. Mr. Matthews always says PEE can, and I think that is atrotious coming from an english teach

19:04 LAAQAF Happy to help. Please feel free to rechat if you have other questions.

Travish’s Commentary:

Sometimes I think Mr. Matthews is a COMPLETE IDIOT!!


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