Raiders of the Lost Ark Help

This game is WAY too hard!
This game is WAY too hard!

Travish: I need help with Raiders of the lost ark on atari 2600?

Libarian From A Place I Have NEVER Heard Of: Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am (Censored) and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question…

LFAPIHNHO: I am sending you a link that should help you.

Travish: Raiders of the lost ark is too hard! you have to play it with two (2) controllers. it took me thirty (30) minutes just to figure that out!

Travish: Also, i can keep the snake from attacking me by playing the stupid flute. I HATE THE SONG IT PLAYS!! is there any way to change the song?

LFAPIHNHO: I’m sorry, I don’t have access to information of the settings for the game. There should be a way to set some preferences that may include audio.

LFAPIHNHO: Do you have any more questions that I can help you with?

Travish: I will LOOK for that! THANK you for your help. I am going to play 1 (one) more level and THEN i am going to weightlifting

LFAPIHNHO: My pleasure. Thank you for using Ask a Librarian.

Travish’s Commentary:

PLEASE, if you know how to change the flute song, let me know!!! I HATE that song!!!


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