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Need to Get Rid of Poison Ivy QUICKLY!

I THINK this is the best way to get rid of poison ivy
I THINK this is the best way to get rid of poison ivy

Libarian That Answers Questions: Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am (Censored) and I will be assisting you. How may I help you today?

TRAVISH: Hello, I need to know how to get rid of poison ivy QUICKLY!

LTAQ: Hi- I’m not able to give medical advice, unfortunately

LTAQ: I’d suggest calling your doctor for assistance

TRAVISH: i don’t think she can help!

LTAQ: I don’t know what else to suggest, I’m sorry

TRAVISH: i probably need a horticulture expert. it is all over the side of the house

LTAQ: Or that, I thought you meant you had it on yourself :o)

TRAVISH: i’m not sure if it is poison ivy or just another vine though. it MAY be an imposter

LTAQ: I think there are sprays for poison ivy

TRAVISH: if i put on gloves and very CAREFULLY pull it off, it might just come back!

LTAQ: Have you checked home depot/lowes?

TRAVISH: if i do that i MAY have to burn it so no one else touches it

LTAQ: I would go to your nearest home improvement/hardware store

LTAQ: they can probably suggest some solutions to you

TRAVISH: i’m going to put it all in a bag very carefully and just burn it in a can

TRAVISH: i think its all the way up on the roof, and i need it down because i have a cat that climbs up there

LTAQ: I honestly can’t help, I’m sorry.

TRAVISH: she probably can’t get it on her skin, but she might eat it

LTAQ: You probably could just talk to someone at one of the home improvement stores for help

LTAQ: and they can suggest a solution

TRAVISH: how can i tell if it is really poison ivy? it may just be a benelovent plant?

LTAQ: This website has some images-

LTAQ: I am going to push you a web page. If it does not open automatically, please click on the link to open the page.
The librarian is sending you to

LTAQ: It has 3 leaves

LTAQ: Can I help you with anything else?

TRAVISH: OH these rashes are GROSS

Travish’s Commentary:

I LIKED to swing from those vines, but i NEEDED to get rid of them!


Oatmeal Baths and Imposters

Imposter poison ivy
Imposter poison ivy

22:03 Travish Mr. matthews said to take an oatmeal bath, but i don’t have that much oatmeal. my doctors office closed at 5:00 and they wont answer after hours. is there a way toknow online?

22:04 Liberrian With Limited Scientific Expertise Hello

22:04 LWLSE For any type of medical questions, I would recommend speaking with your doctor tomorrow.

22:06 Travish is there a way to identify if this plant is poison ivy? maybe it is poison oak? i need to know what they LOOK like

22:07 LWLSE This is a link to images

22:07 LWLSE

22:11 Travish thankfully, i BELIEVE this plant is an imposter. I don’t know though. I am itchy but this MAY be mosquito bits. it says i can pour milk on my arm so I will try that. i will go immediately to the library and look at more books. what section is horticulture?

22:11 LWLSE What is the name of your local library?

22:13 Travish (Censored) library, it is not very big. i can’t go to the school library anymore because it is closed for summer.

22:14 Travish i THINK the section should be the same in both libraries though. i know it is not fiction, but i’m not sure what decimal area

22:15 LWLSE I do not see any books specific to poisonous plants. Here on the books on horticulture-

22:15 LWLSE (link)

22:16 LWLSE Your best bet may be to look at the pictures online and contact your doctor tomorrow.

22:17 Travish i will. i am going to go outside and burn all these vines too because i’m sure they are the problem. thanks you

22:17 LWLSE You’re quite welcome.

Travish’s Commentary:

My dad would be REALLY mad at me if I used up all the oatmeal for a bath!

Melodies and Medeleys

This is important because it's for OM club!!
This is important because it’s for OM club!!

18:46 Travish Hello, my name is Travish. Can someone explain the difference between a melody and a medley to me? I need this information quickly for a speech I have to do for OM club.

18:46 Reference Liberrian That Chats And Refers hi

18:46 Travish I need a source to use too, like I have to say to the OM club, “you have a medley of options, today!”.

18:47 RLTCAR A “medley” is usually a series of things–songs, poems, etc.

18:47 RLTCAR While “melody” is the tune of a song.

18:47 RLTCAR Let me find a reference 4U

18:48 Travish which one is it: a vegetable medley or vegetable melody?

18:48 RLTCAR how about this?

18:48 RLTCAR

18:48 Travish I thought you had to PAY to use webster dictionary!

18:48 RLTCAR medley–a bunch of different veggies in a single dish –carrots, peas, lima beans

18:49 RLTCAR not this site, apparently!

18:49 RLTCAR this is one of the definitions:

18:49 RLTCAR ” a diverse assortment or mixture”

18:50 RLTCAR [Of course, if you have carrots that can sing, it could be a “vegetable melody” !! (;->> ]

18:50 Travish This is good news. hmmmm…if they have many options, would that be a medley? we have to pick a NEW president of the OM club because Greg missed two (2) meetings and Mr. Mathews says “presence is principal”

18:50 RLTCAR I think medley works there!

18:50 Travish that is a good point! I MIGHT use that reference in this speech, but I have to find a connection point.

18:51 RLTCAR YOu could also say something like “You have a wide range of options today.”

18:51 RLTCAR unless “medley” has to be used . . . .

18:53 Travish no no, i t doesn’t have to but I was writing this out, and that was the word in my head, see? and i WANTED to use the right version of the word, but now i THINK i will find a way to use BOTH!

18:53 RLTCAR Kewl . . . .as the kids say !!

18:54 Travish okay, I have to go RIGHT NOW or I am going to be LATE! This speech is the most important speech I might ever give. THANK you.

18:54 RLTCAR All the BEST !!

Travish’s Commentary:

I lost by four (4) votes!!! But one (1) of the people wasn’t there to vote!  If they were there then the whole election could have been different!!  Also someone (1) wrote two (2) peoples name down and mine was one (1) of them! 

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Is this the wrong tree?
Is this the wrong tree?

Travish: Hello, my name is Travish.  what does barking up the wrong tree mean? EXAMPLE: You are barking up the wrong tree, kid.

[Libarian At A Community College 14:25:02]: Librarian (Censored) has joined the session.

[LAACC 14:25:48]: hi; it means you’re looking in thr wrong place for an answer

[Travish 14:26:14]: hmmm

[LAACC 14:27:37]: reference is to a hunting dog barking at a tree where he has NOT “treed” an animal

[Travish 14:29:23]: well, i was just leaving the gym from my weightlifting, and i noticed a pretty girl by the smoothie machine, and i said, “if i rate you on a scale of 1 to ten, you would be a 9 because i am the 1 you are missing.”  I was still kind of sweaty, but i think i said it really cool.  and she said your barking up the wrong tree kid.

[LAACC 14:29:49]: looks like it’s an old idiomatic phrase

[Travish 14:30:11]: oh, maybe she had heard that one before

[LAACC 14:30:20]: sorry; sound s like she said “you’re not my type”

[Travish 14:30:43]: but i didn’t think sounded TOO idiomatic

[LAACC 14:31:19]: the phrase is idiomatic , not you

[Travish 14:32:29]: i wish this service could explain peoples types.

[LAACC 14:32:30]: if you don’t swing at the ball, you’l never get a hit; Babe Ruth struck out plenty of times!

[Travish 14:33:02]: hmmm

[Travish 14:33:24]: i think i LIKE that expression!

[LAACC 14:34:30]: good; here’s some idioms you’ll recognize:

[Travish 14:35:03]: oh and idiom is just a SAYING

[LAACC 14:35:19]: exactly!

[Travish 14:35:46]: well, i wish she was just pulling my leg, because now i am FEELING BLUE

[LAACC 14:37:06]: excellent; foreign speakers get a kick of out idioms but it’s another way english is a difficult language.

[Travish 14:38:44]: mr matthews is a tough teacher.  i wrote a three (3) page paper about the 70s decade for him, and he said i wrote TOO much about Meat Loaf

[Travish 14:38:59]: english is definitely my hardest class

[LAACC 14:40:09]: Meatloaf was big then, but remember what topic the instructor approved & stick to that

[LAACC 14:41:29]: also, check out tutoring & a student assistance center @ (censored); lot of people find writing hard–it’s hard work for good writers!

[Travish 14:41:31]: yes, i needed more political climate, he said.

[LAACC 14:42:42]: here’s the place @ your school:  (link)

[LAACC 14:44:31]: (Sounds like he wanted more on the political events of the 70s–the “political climate” back then.  Vietnam, Nixon, etc.—the music mirrored politics back then.)

[Travish 14:44:32]: next time i have to type a paper i will definitely do exactly that.  most of the time i just ask my dad to look at my paper.  he tells me what to take out, but thats all.  but i wished he said to add more POLITICAL CLIMATE

[LAACC 14:45:32]: right; you focused on popular culture, tie in the politics, too

[Travish 14:45:50]: well, you are probably right.  THANK you for your help

[Travish 14:46:25]: i better go ice my arms from weightlifting, and all this new information has my head spinning too!  i better ice it AS WELL

[LAACC 14:46:37]: you are very welcome; thanks for logging on. You had interesting questions!

[LAACC 14:47:06]: OK; come back anytime!

[LAACC 14:47:11]: Librarian ended chat session.

Travish’s Commentary

Now my arms hurt, my head hurts, AND my feelings hurt!

Every Dog Has Its Libary Question

I THINK this is what it is doing outside but I THOUGHT it was supposed to be the dog days of summer!
I THINK this is what it is doing outside but I THOUGHT it was supposed to be the dog days of summer!

13:39 Travish I heard its the dog days of summer. But it’s raining. Does that mean it’s raining cats and dogs?

13:39 A Libarian Working In A Liberry Hi there.

13:40 ALWIAL

13:41 Travish Did they get it from the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid? There is a book.

13:42 Travish Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you. My dog does NOT like to go out in the rain. That is why i am wondering about this?

13:42 ALWIAL Unlikely. That phrase has been around for a long time… well before those books were written.

13:42 Travish When are the cat days of summer?

13:43 ALWIAL Cats aren’t afforded their own designation for days, unfortunately.

13:43 ALWIAL Can I help you with anything else?

13:43 Travish I don’t like cats anyway, UNLESS their own a hot tin roof

13:44 Travish Are there dog days of any other season?

13:44 Travish My dog LIKES the snow

13:46 ALWIAL Not officially in winter, but you can sort of call February-March the same thing…. when it’s cold and the weather plods along.

13:47 Travish Oh wow! i did NOT know that at all!

13:48 Travish THANK you for your help, i HAVE to go or i will be LATE!! (to weightlifting)

13:48 ALWIAL You’re welcome! Have a good day!

Travish’s Commentary:

I HOPE when it rains cats and dogs that it does NOT rain my dog.  I wouldn’t really care if it rained my cat.