Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Is this the wrong tree?
Is this the wrong tree?

Travish: Hello, my name is Travish.  what does barking up the wrong tree mean? EXAMPLE: You are barking up the wrong tree, kid.

[Libarian At A Community College 14:25:02]: Librarian (Censored) has joined the session.

[LAACC 14:25:48]: hi; it means you’re looking in thr wrong place for an answer

[Travish 14:26:14]: hmmm

[LAACC 14:27:37]: reference is to a hunting dog barking at a tree where he has NOT “treed” an animal

[Travish 14:29:23]: well, i was just leaving the gym from my weightlifting, and i noticed a pretty girl by the smoothie machine, and i said, “if i rate you on a scale of 1 to ten, you would be a 9 because i am the 1 you are missing.”  I was still kind of sweaty, but i think i said it really cool.  and she said your barking up the wrong tree kid.

[LAACC 14:29:49]: looks like it’s an old idiomatic phrase

[Travish 14:30:11]: oh, maybe she had heard that one before

[LAACC 14:30:20]: sorry; sound s like she said “you’re not my type”

[Travish 14:30:43]: but i didn’t think sounded TOO idiomatic

[LAACC 14:31:19]: the phrase is idiomatic , not you

[Travish 14:32:29]: i wish this service could explain peoples types.

[LAACC 14:32:30]: if you don’t swing at the ball, you’l never get a hit; Babe Ruth struck out plenty of times!

[Travish 14:33:02]: hmmm

[Travish 14:33:24]: i think i LIKE that expression!

[LAACC 14:34:30]: good; here’s some idioms you’ll recognize:

[Travish 14:35:03]: oh and idiom is just a SAYING

[LAACC 14:35:19]: exactly!

[Travish 14:35:46]: well, i wish she was just pulling my leg, because now i am FEELING BLUE

[LAACC 14:37:06]: excellent; foreign speakers get a kick of out idioms but it’s another way english is a difficult language.

[Travish 14:38:44]: mr matthews is a tough teacher.  i wrote a three (3) page paper about the 70s decade for him, and he said i wrote TOO much about Meat Loaf

[Travish 14:38:59]: english is definitely my hardest class

[LAACC 14:40:09]: Meatloaf was big then, but remember what topic the instructor approved & stick to that

[LAACC 14:41:29]: also, check out tutoring & a student assistance center @ (censored); lot of people find writing hard–it’s hard work for good writers!

[Travish 14:41:31]: yes, i needed more political climate, he said.

[LAACC 14:42:42]: here’s the place @ your school:  (link)

[LAACC 14:44:31]: (Sounds like he wanted more on the political events of the 70s–the “political climate” back then.  Vietnam, Nixon, etc.—the music mirrored politics back then.)

[Travish 14:44:32]: next time i have to type a paper i will definitely do exactly that.  most of the time i just ask my dad to look at my paper.  he tells me what to take out, but thats all.  but i wished he said to add more POLITICAL CLIMATE

[LAACC 14:45:32]: right; you focused on popular culture, tie in the politics, too

[Travish 14:45:50]: well, you are probably right.  THANK you for your help

[Travish 14:46:25]: i better go ice my arms from weightlifting, and all this new information has my head spinning too!  i better ice it AS WELL

[LAACC 14:46:37]: you are very welcome; thanks for logging on. You had interesting questions!

[LAACC 14:47:06]: OK; come back anytime!

[LAACC 14:47:11]: Librarian ended chat session.

Travish’s Commentary

Now my arms hurt, my head hurts, AND my feelings hurt!


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