Melodies and Medeleys

This is important because it's for OM club!!
This is important because it’s for OM club!!

18:46 Travish Hello, my name is Travish. Can someone explain the difference between a melody and a medley to me? I need this information quickly for a speech I have to do for OM club.

18:46 Reference Liberrian That Chats And Refers hi

18:46 Travish I need a source to use too, like I have to say to the OM club, “you have a medley of options, today!”.

18:47 RLTCAR A “medley” is usually a series of things–songs, poems, etc.

18:47 RLTCAR While “melody” is the tune of a song.

18:47 RLTCAR Let me find a reference 4U

18:48 Travish which one is it: a vegetable medley or vegetable melody?

18:48 RLTCAR how about this?

18:48 RLTCAR

18:48 Travish I thought you had to PAY to use webster dictionary!

18:48 RLTCAR medley–a bunch of different veggies in a single dish –carrots, peas, lima beans

18:49 RLTCAR not this site, apparently!

18:49 RLTCAR this is one of the definitions:

18:49 RLTCAR ” a diverse assortment or mixture”

18:50 RLTCAR [Of course, if you have carrots that can sing, it could be a “vegetable melody” !! (;->> ]

18:50 Travish This is good news. hmmmm…if they have many options, would that be a medley? we have to pick a NEW president of the OM club because Greg missed two (2) meetings and Mr. Mathews says “presence is principal”

18:50 RLTCAR I think medley works there!

18:50 Travish that is a good point! I MIGHT use that reference in this speech, but I have to find a connection point.

18:51 RLTCAR YOu could also say something like “You have a wide range of options today.”

18:51 RLTCAR unless “medley” has to be used . . . .

18:53 Travish no no, i t doesn’t have to but I was writing this out, and that was the word in my head, see? and i WANTED to use the right version of the word, but now i THINK i will find a way to use BOTH!

18:53 RLTCAR Kewl . . . .as the kids say !!

18:54 Travish okay, I have to go RIGHT NOW or I am going to be LATE! This speech is the most important speech I might ever give. THANK you.

18:54 RLTCAR All the BEST !!

Travish’s Commentary:

I lost by four (4) votes!!! But one (1) of the people wasn’t there to vote!  If they were there then the whole election could have been different!!  Also someone (1) wrote two (2) peoples name down and mine was one (1) of them! 


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