Oatmeal Baths and Imposters

Imposter poison ivy
Imposter poison ivy

22:03 Travish Mr. matthews said to take an oatmeal bath, but i don’t have that much oatmeal. my doctors office closed at 5:00 and they wont answer after hours. is there a way toknow online?

22:04 Liberrian With Limited Scientific Expertise Hello

22:04 LWLSE For any type of medical questions, I would recommend speaking with your doctor tomorrow.

22:06 Travish is there a way to identify if this plant is poison ivy? maybe it is poison oak? i need to know what they LOOK like

22:07 LWLSE This is a link to images

22:07 LWLSE http://poisonivy.aesir.com/view/pictures.html

22:11 Travish thankfully, i BELIEVE this plant is an imposter. I don’t know though. I am itchy but this MAY be mosquito bits. it says i can pour milk on my arm so I will try that. i will go immediately to the library and look at more books. what section is horticulture?

22:11 LWLSE What is the name of your local library?

22:13 Travish (Censored) library, it is not very big. i can’t go to the school library anymore because it is closed for summer.

22:14 Travish i THINK the section should be the same in both libraries though. i know it is not fiction, but i’m not sure what decimal area

22:15 LWLSE I do not see any books specific to poisonous plants. Here on the books on horticulture-

22:15 LWLSE (link)

22:16 LWLSE Your best bet may be to look at the pictures online and contact your doctor tomorrow.

22:17 Travish i will. i am going to go outside and burn all these vines too because i’m sure they are the problem. thanks you

22:17 LWLSE You’re quite welcome.

Travish’s Commentary:

My dad would be REALLY mad at me if I used up all the oatmeal for a bath!


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