Friday the 13th: The Travish Chapter

But what order do i WATCH them in???
But what order do i WATCH them in???

19:19 Travish Hello, my name is Travish. And, my question is: why do the Jason movies use roman numerams?

19:19 Cool Libarian hi

19:19 CL Let me take a look, Travish.

19:20 CL BRB

19:20 Travish THANK you!

19:21 CL (my computer is really slow today !

19:21 Travish LOL

19:21 Travish I am at a slow station to

19:22 CL you are talking about ones like

19:22 CL nJason X ?

19:22 CL from 2001

19:22 Travish yes!

19:23 CL I think it is probably because it makes the title stand out more than

19:23 Travish some of them are friday the 13th part 3. some are friday the 13th the final chapter. some of thems are friday the 13th part VI. and i don’t know why it is all different formats and i dpnt know what order to WATCH them

19:23 CL Jason 10

19:24 CL Well

19:24 CL when I look them up on [Internet Movie Database]

19:24 CL I can sort of see the order by looking at the dates they came out

19:25 CL Of course,

19:25 CL after “The Final Chapter” they had to make some more !!

19:25 CL (;->> Because it made money.


19:25 Travish it LOOKED older than Jason X

19:26 CL and try this:

19:26 CL

19:26 Travish so i need to go to and look at the order. so far is saw part 2, part 3, the final chapter, jason x and part VI.

19:27 CL this last page from Wikipedia actually lays out the whole series

19:27 Travish are you sure if it is wikipedia you can trust it? mr matthews said not to trust that site

19:27 CL I think that for this info, it would be okay . . .

19:28 Travish okay!

19:28 CL maybe not for “how to save a person having a seizure”.

19:28 CL Here a confusing bit . . .

19:28 Travish I wrote a paper from wikipedia and mr matthews said i cant just copy it and even if i could i should copy something else

19:29 CL The original “Friday the 13th” came out in 1980, but another one with the same name

19:29 CL came out in 2009

19:29 CL Let me see if I can find another source

19:30 CL OR, you could use the list on Wikipedia, then look them up on !!

19:30 Travish i want to watch them in the correct order. i will look them on both sites and i wont tell mr matthews. like likes halloween movies anyway (i asked him this question and he would NOT answer)

19:31 Travish okay, travish OUT!

19:31 CL Later !!

Travish’s Commentary

Mr. Matthews said the Halloween movies are sophisticated and they are the thinking man’s Friday the 13th


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