How to Fly a Flag at Half Mast

At least I didn't fly the flag so low that it caught on fire!
At least I didn’t fly the flag so low that it caught on fire!

Travish: How high do i fly the flag at half mast?

[Liberrian Who Knows About Flags 08:25:18]: Librarian ‘CENSORED’ has joined the session.

[LWKAF 08:25:26]: Hi!  I’m (Censored) in (State). I am helping out your librarians by answering questions for them right now. I’m reading what you wrote so I can help you…

[TRAVISH 08:25:37]: I thought i got the flags up high to the right heith for veteran’s day  but Mr Matthews yelled at me because they were WAY too low!

[LWKAF 08:25:49]: THat would be approximately halfway up the flag pole.

[TRAVISH 08:25:57]: Hey (Censored), where’s John? He usually answers my questions.

[LWKAF 08:26:07]: John must be slacking off.

[TRAVISH 08:26:21]: hahaha, probably!!

[TRAVISH 08:26:46]: is there a difference between half mast and half staff?

[LWKAF 08:26:53]: No.

[TRAVISH 08:27:52]: oh ok, i thought flying a flag halfway up the pole on a ship would be half mast, but i am HAPPY to know that there is no difference.  THANK you for your help!

[LWKAF 08:28:02]: You’re welcome.

Travish’s Commentary:

Mr. Matthews got mad at me because he saw me kicking the flag.  THERE WAS A BUG ON IT!! What was I supposed to do?


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