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The Truth About Frosty the Snowman

Just another reason to give cops the middle finger!
Just another reason to give cops the middle finger!

Travish: Is Frosty the Snowman non-fiction, or is it just based on a true story?

[Christmas Libarian Specialist 08:52:34]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[CLS 08:53:44]: Hmmmm … I’ll have to research that one. What’s the version of the Frosty story you’re asking about?

[CLS 08:54:09]: The classic Rankin-Bass?

[TRAVISH 08:54:16]: the one in the song. my favorite version is the one that says he’ll be back on Christmas Day

[CLS 08:54:19]:

[CLS 08:55:57]: OK. Let’s turn to the song – perhaps there are clues there …

[CLS 08:55:59]:

[CLS 08:56:44]: “Frosty the snowman is a fairytale they say
He was made of snow but the children
know how he came to life one day”

[TRAVISH 08:57:44]: if it is just based on a true story, then some of that may just be made up. Example: instead of children it could have been adults, and instead of a silk hat it could have been a felt hat

[CLS 08:57:58]: Based on this, it would appear that the majority opinion is against Frosty having ever come to life – one day, or for any  duration of time.

[TRAVISH 08:58:48]: i’m pretty sure it was AT LEAST based on a true story though, even if it is not a work of complete non-fiction Continue reading The Truth About Frosty the Snowman


Libary Questions Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!

Were these from a big bag or a regular size bag?
Were these from a big bag or a regular size bag?

20:21 Travish This is Travish. I have a theory but i need some help researching it

20:21 Travish Note: this is not an assignment (I hop that’s ok)

20:26 Travish Hello? Are you there?

20:26 Another Liberrian Who Doesn’t Like Travish? yes.

20:27 ALWDLT? What are you attempting to research?

20:28 Travish Are the M&Ms n the big bags different from the M&Ms in the regular size bags.

20:28 Travish They TASTE different, but I don’t know for sure and I cant find ANYTHING on this on bing

20:29 ALWDLT? Seriously?

20:29 Travish Well I said its not an assignment!

20:30 ALWDLT? Maybe you can do your own little blind taste test and come to your own conslusion. 🙂

20:31 Travish Interesting.

20:31 Travish I was thinking i could just get the ingredients

20:32 ALWDLT? The ingedients should be listed on the back of the packaging.

20:34 Travish When i was asking for biographies, the libarian told me that unauthorized ones were better than authorized ones, because the authorized biographies only told you what they wanted you to know. is it the same for ingredients on the back of M&M packaging?

20:37 ALWDLT?

20:38 Travish are the unauthorized M&M ingredients there? i cant find them

20:55 Travish if you find out more information let me know. i have to go because im going to be LATE for weight lifting! its critical!!

Travish’s Commentary:

That DUMB JERK didn’t help me at all!

Fight For Your Right

I bet this guy got 100 likes on his selfie!
I bet this guy got 100 likes on his selfie!

Travish: My question is my school doesnt allow cell phones. how can i take a selfie during the protest?

[Libarian With Photographic Advice 08:55:37]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[LWPA 08:55:48]: Hello Travish and welcome. My name is (Censored) and I am a librarian in (Place). Our libraries share this chat service. Please let me read your question.

[LWPA 08:56:04]: is this a protest at yoru school?

[TRAVISH 08:57:22]: yes

[TRAVISH 08:57:52]: and the alcu says it is youre RIGHT to photograph
a protest

[LWPA 08:59:02]: If this is a school sponsored event then it is best to check with the protest/event organizer.

[TRAVISH 09:00:18]: ok but i hop they dont take my phone again. my dad will KILL me!

[TRAVISH 09:00:47]: Thanks for your help!

[LWPA 09:01:15]: you’re welcome.

Travish’s Commentary:

Oh man this is going to be my best selfie yet!

Legal Advice For Protestors

If it was up to Mr. Matthews, everyone in this picture would be suspended!  But wouldn't that mean they would miss class anyway??
If it was up to Mr. Matthews, everyone in this picture would be suspended! But wouldn’t that mean they would miss class anyway??

13:44 Travish can i get in trouble for the protest? we are supposed to walk out at 1

13:44 Kind Of Helpful Liberrian Good morning

13:44 Travish good morning my name is travish

13:44 KOHL This is a state-wide reference service. Can you tell me what protest you’re talking about?

13:45 Travish well apparently there was a teenager that was shot by a cop in another city (not this state) today is the protest (NATIONAL!!) i think

13:46 KOHL I’m guessing you’re talking about Ferguson case, which the grand jury decided on last week?

13:46 Travish its the one where the guy got shot and its time to protest

13:47 KOHL If you’re protesting, it’s often a good idea to know what you’re protesting.

13:47 KOHL has more information

13:47 KOHL has information in general on your rights during protests

13:48 Travish my main question is mr matthews said he is going to be WATCHING us. i dont want to get in school suspension again! is it a right to not get suspended?

13:50 KOHL I cannot give you legal advice, and that includes saying whether you can get in trouble or not.

13:51 Travish ok THANKS for your help!

13:52 KOHL You’re quite welcome

Travish’s Commentary:

Maybe I’ll just go to the bathroom at 1:00 and stay there for a REALLY long time.  Mr. Matthews can’t punish me for THAT!