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Is It Legal To Fake Your Own Death?

I might as well tell you, I faked my own death
I might as well tell you, I faked my own death

16:48 Travish i need to know if it is illegal to fake your own death?

16:48 Libarian With Expertise In Faking Your Own Death Hello!

16:49 LWEIFYOD What an interesting question! Could you tell me which state you’re interested in?

16:49 Travish (state)

16:53 LWEIFYOD I’m doing some searching in the library databases, but in the meantime this law blog might offer some insight:

16:55 Travish that’s great news!

16:55 Travish it says that faking your death isn’t illegal, but you may get in trouble for insurance fraud, tax evasion, or violating court-ordered legal and financial obligation

16:56 LWEIFYOD This blog post from Thomson Reuters (the company that produces a law database, Westlaw, that we subscribe to) gives more specific info:

16:56 LWEIFYOD With citations!@

16:57 Travish if someone i know was going to fake their death, they would only be doing it so they wouldn’t have to read some stupid book

16:57 LWEIFYOD Yes, that seems to be correct! “In fact, according to missing person search-and-rescue expert Jeff Hasse, president of the Minnesota-based company Midwest Technical Rescue Training Associates, the right to disappear often causes conflicts between families of missing persons and law-enforcement agencies. Families think police investigators  should do more to search for their missing loved one. “Law enforcement’s response is, ‘He’s an adult. He can go missing if he wants to,'” Hasse told Life’s Little Mysteries. If there’s no evidence of foul play involved, sheriffs may not pursue a missing adult.”


16:58 Travish OH YES!

16:58 Travish THANK you for your help!!!!

16:59 LWEIFYOD Absolutely. Can I help you with anything else? What is the book you referred to earlier?

17:00 Travish the book is to kill a mockingbird. i’m not reading that!

17:01 Travish i have to go, THANKS again for your help!

17:01 Travish My name is Travish, if you see Mr. Matthews tell him you didn’t talk to me about this

17:02 LWEIFYOD Before you go!

17:02 Travish yes

17:02 LWEIFYOD In case you want to talk to someone else, remember that we’ve got lots of resources on campus, regardless of what the problem is: (link)

17:02 Travish ok thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

Travish 3:16 says I just faked my own death