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3 Mins.

This is RIGHT where the movie stopped!! What happened??
This is RIGHT where the movie stopped!! What happened??

18:33 Travish hello my name is Travish and i need your help QUICKLY!

18:33 Eddie Murphy Movie Libarian Hi, how can I help you?

18:34 Travish i rented the movie 48 Hrs and the DVD stopped working with three (3) minutes left in the movie and i DONT know how it ends!

18:34 Travish did Ganz kill Reggie? did Jack kill Gans? I don’t know!

18:35 EMML let me see if I can find something with information on that. I’ve never seen it. – is it the movie with eddie murphy and nick nolte?

18:36 EMML please read the plot summary on this page to see if it answers your questions

18:39 Travish THANKS for your help!

18:39 EMML You’re welcome!

18:39 Travish though im not sure if i want to read it. maybe i’ll try and get another copy so i can SEE it (i have to be shown)

18:40 EMML ok

18:40 Travish THANKS!!! !

18:40 EMML You’re welcome!

Travish’s Commentary

I’m not sure i can trust the link the libarian gave me.  Mr. Matthews said to NEVER trust Wikipedia!!! What if someone just made up a fake ending?