Don’t Cross the River if You Can’t Go to Godfather’s Pizza

Could George Washington swim the tide?

Could George Washington swim the tide?

18:36 Travish can you help me figure out what something means? (this is travish)

18:36 Metaphorical Liberrian Hello

18:36 Travish Hello!

18:36 ML I can try… what you got?

18:37 Travish Mr. Matthews just told me “don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide”

18:37 Travish i have NO idea what he’s talking about!

18:38 ML I don’t know that phrase, but I have a guess…

18:38 Travish What is your guess?

18:38 ML Sounds like he means something like ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew…”

18:38 ML Does that make sense in the context you’re hearing it?

18:38 Travish Well, I usually only do that when I go to Godfather’s Pizza

18:39 ML Hmmm…

18:40 Travish do you think he knows that i am planning to skip lunch to go to Godfathers next week?

18:40 ML Is this a joke or are you that literal-minded?

18:41 Travish i’m not sure what your asking??

18:42 ML And I’m not sure you’re understanding my guess… what do you make of it?

18:42 ML Hint: It’s not really about food…

18:43 Travish i THINK yo mean that you shouldn’t bite something that is not food because then you cant eat it??

18:44 Travish (you cant chew it because it is not food)

18:44 ML Nah… do you see any similarity between what I said and what Mr. Matthews said?

18:44 Travish yes. the word “don’t”

18:45 ML Any thing else?

18:45 Travish don’t do something that you can’t do?

18:46 ML Closer… don’t do something that you know–or can guess–from the start is beyond your capabilities

18:46 ML Does that make sense in the context of your talk with Mr. Matthews?

18:47 Travish i think so, but i always say “if you can’t do something, then don’t do it. if you can do something, then you should do it. unless you don’t want to, then don’t do it.”

18:48 ML Yeah but in life it’s not always that clear…

18:48 ML If you only ever did the things you know you know how to do, you’d never learn anything.

18:49 Travish wow, now you sound like my karate master!

18:51 Travish THANK you for your help! i must go now.

18:52 ML Good luck… ! Mild tides and small mouthfuls to you!

18:53 Travish Thanks (i think) !!

Travish’s Commentary:

I still don’t know if it’s about something being beyond your capabilities or if it’s about eating too much?  I guess it’s six of one, half dozen  of the other.


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