Here ye! Here ye!

If you know this guy, tell him Travish wants to know if he is French
If you know this guy, tell him Travish wants to know if he is French

Travish: Here ye! Here ye!

[Old Timey Language Liberrian 20:30:51]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[OTLL 20:30:58]: Hi, I’m (Censored), a OTLL helping to answer questions for your library. How can I help you?

[OTLL 20:31:30]: did you have a question?

[Travish 20:31:43]: i hear that alot but i dont know what it means?

[OTLL 20:32:02]: ok, let me find some information about that saying for you

[Travish 20:32:17]: Thanks!

[OTLL 20:35:01]:

[Travish 20:36:18]: so it means listen to me? that would explain why mr matthews says it

[OTLL 20:36:40]: it is used now at the beginning of court procedures, or in French Oyez, Oyez

[OTLL 20:37:33]: but in medieval times it would have been the first thing a town crier said before reading a document announcing something for the King

[OTLL 20:37:38]: does that help?

[Travish 20:37:58]: so the french version of mr matthews says oyez oyez?

[OTLL 20:38:07]: O dpm

[Travish 20:38:14]: oh i did NOT see your last part!

[OTLL 20:38:20]: sorry, I’m not familiar with Mr. Matthews

[Travish 20:38:38]: so if mr matthews is making an announcement for the principal then it would make perfect sense!

[Travish 20:38:47]: mr matthews is my teacher and a idiot

[Travish 20:39:44]: my name is Travish THANKS for your help!

[OTLL 20:40:06]: yes,

[OTLL 20:40:16]: it just means, please pay attention

[OTLL 20:40:48]:

[OTLL 20:41:05]: you’re welcome, Travish

[Travish 20:41:17]: well i have problems doing that, ESPECIALLY when he is talking about the war of 1912

[OTLL 20:41:18]: can I help you with anything else?

[Travish 20:41:48]: no, thats it! THANKS!!

[OTLL 20:42:13]: you’re welcome.  thanks for using (Censored)

Travish’s Commentary:

Here ye!  Here ye! Mr. Matthews is annoying and stupid!!


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