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The History of the Slingshot Suplex

Here is my paper on the history of the slingshot suplex.  When I turned it in to Mr. Matthews, he said he will read it this weekend.


Tull Blanchard - famous American inventor
Tully Blanchard – famous American inventor


Second of all my name is Travish.  This is a paper on the history of the slingshot suplex.  The slingshot suplex is one of the greatest moves in the storied history of professional wrestling.  It was invented by Tully Blanchard.  It is a really good move and I like it.  I might as well tell you, not very many wrestlers use the slingshot suplex anymore.  Why don’t they use it?  Read on and maybe you will find out!

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat (Athnet).  Tully Blanchard didn’t invent wrestling.  Tully Blanchard invented the slingshot suplex, but no one knows the exact date he did this.  You might already know this, but he used the maneuver when he wrestled in the NWA in the 80s.  He did the slingshot suplex on such wrestlers as Terry Taylor (Youtube “Tully Blanchard vs. Terry Taylor: NWA U.S. Title”).

“Tully Blanchard’s use of the ‘sling-shot’ suplex has won him numerous matches, and is considered one of the top moves in professional wrestling.  However, he has used foreign objects and rulebreaking tactics to win many of his matches,” (Wonderama International).  That quote is from the back of my Tully Blanchard trading card, so you know it is true.  What I am trying to say is that the slingshot suplex is a really good move.  Second of all, Tully Blanchard won many championships.  He won the Television Title, the United States Title, and the Tag Team Title (Online World of Wrestling).  He didn’t win them at the same time, he won them at different times.  The slingshot suplex was no doubt a reason that he won and successfully defended these titles.  He eventually lost every title he ever won.

When Tully Blanchard wrestled, no one else did the slingshot suplex.  They were probably afraid that the 4 Horsemen would beat them up if they stole Tully Blanchard’s move.  Once Tully Blanchard retired and the 4 Horsemen no longer existed, other people could have done the move.  But most of them didn’t!  One person said Van Hammer did it, but he said Van Hammer couldn’t do it as good as Tully Blanchard.  Someone else once said that the slingshot suplex was Stunning Steve Austin’s finishing maneuver (Wrestling Classics).  That’s the Stun Gun you idiot!  It’s not the SAME move, it’s DIFFERENT!  Randy Orton once did a slingshot suplex on Dolph Ziggler during a Survivor Series match (Youtube “Slingshot Suplex – Randy Orton”).  Second of all, I think I saw Beth Phoenix do the slingshot suplex once.  But otherwise, the slingshot suplex is not done today.  My question is why?  If people are still afraid that the 4 Horsemen will beat them up, then I’m sorry, but that’s just pathetic.  I saw Ric Flair on Raw on Monday, and I think I would DESTROY him if he attacked me for using the slingshot suplex.  Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

In conclusion, that is the history of the slingshot suplex.  Think about it.  What did you think?  Thank you, my name is Travish.  Good night.

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Questions About the Slingshot Suplex

slingshot suplex
I THINK this is Tully Blanchard doing a slingshot suplex

Chat Transcript: My name is Travish and I can’t find the information I am searching for.

[Slingshot Libarian 10:20:01]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[SL 10:20:08]: Hi, I’m (Censored), a librarian helping to answer questions for your library.  I am reading your question now to see how I can help you.

[SL 10:20:19]: What information are you looking for?

[Travish 10:21:06]: I am trying to see who has used the slingshot suplex.  All I have so far is Tully Blanchard.

[SL 10:21:41]: I’m not familiar with the slingshot suplex.

[SL 10:22:00]: Can you tell me more about it?

[Travish 10:23:23]: It’s a devastating finishing maneuver. Whilst grappling your opponent, you suplex them with the leverage of the ropes to ensure victory.

[Travish 10:24:09]: I am writing a paper on the history of the slingshot suplex, and I need to know if anyone other than Tully Blanchard has used this move

[SL 10:25:00]: Alright, thanks, let me see what I can find.

[SL 10:28:18]: I wonder if you’ve looked at wikipedia’s entry for this.

[SL 10:28:39]: Wikipedia is not always the authoritative source to use but

[SL 10:28:55]: often it’s an excellent source for getting links to other, authoritative pages.

[SL 10:29:00]:

[SL 10:29:25]: Otherwise I’ve not found a specific answer to your question above.

[Travish 10:30:56]: It doesn’t look like they list who uses it on wikipedia, they don’t even mention Tully Blanchard!! Continue reading Questions About the Slingshot Suplex