Questions About the Slingshot Suplex

slingshot suplex
I THINK this is Tully Blanchard doing a slingshot suplex

Chat Transcript: My name is Travish and I can’t find the information I am searching for.

[Slingshot Libarian 10:20:01]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[SL 10:20:08]: Hi, I’m (Censored), a librarian helping to answer questions for your library.  I am reading your question now to see how I can help you.

[SL 10:20:19]: What information are you looking for?

[Travish 10:21:06]: I am trying to see who has used the slingshot suplex.  All I have so far is Tully Blanchard.

[SL 10:21:41]: I’m not familiar with the slingshot suplex.

[SL 10:22:00]: Can you tell me more about it?

[Travish 10:23:23]: It’s a devastating finishing maneuver. Whilst grappling your opponent, you suplex them with the leverage of the ropes to ensure victory.

[Travish 10:24:09]: I am writing a paper on the history of the slingshot suplex, and I need to know if anyone other than Tully Blanchard has used this move

[SL 10:25:00]: Alright, thanks, let me see what I can find.

[SL 10:28:18]: I wonder if you’ve looked at wikipedia’s entry for this.

[SL 10:28:39]: Wikipedia is not always the authoritative source to use but

[SL 10:28:55]: often it’s an excellent source for getting links to other, authoritative pages.

[SL 10:29:00]:

[SL 10:29:25]: Otherwise I’ve not found a specific answer to your question above.

[Travish 10:30:56]: It doesn’t look like they list who uses it on wikipedia, they don’t even mention Tully Blanchard!!

[Travish 10:31:40]: Maybe no one else has ever done it?

[SL 10:33:18]:;f=9;t=062935

[SL 10:33:31]: Your same question is posted on the board page I just sent to your screen.

[Travish 10:34:12]: I can use this information, but is it a primary or secondary source?

[SL 10:35:46]: Both I would say.  Primary in that it’s direct communication; but secondary since it’s not officially sanctioned information.

[Travish 10:37:01]: I have to use two (2) primary sources and four (4) secondary sources in my paper.

[SL 10:38:14]: Ok, a reference book would be your secondary source.

[SL 10:39:03]: Which category of wrestling is your project on?

[Travish 10:39:49]: History

[SL 10:39:51]: Professional, heavyweight, freestyle, or ?

[Travish 10:40:33]: Oh, professional.

[SL 10:40:58]:

[SL 10:41:15]: There’s a section on Professional Wrestling on the page I just sent over.

[SL 10:41:23]: This would be a secondary source.

[Travish 10:41:53]: Excellent, thanks!

[SL 10:42:12]: I won’t send this page over but you can look at it later; it’s another history page like the first one.

[SL 10:42:14]:

[SL 10:43:13]: And another page:

[Travish 10:43:35]: Oh wow, THANKS!

[SL 10:43:54]: As for a primary source you might be able to find biographies about famous wrestlers at your library.

[SL 10:44:32]: These should get you started.

[Travish 10:44:44]: Would a youtube video of a match be a primary source?

[SL 10:44:51]: Yes.

[Travish 10:45:12]: THANK you for all your help!!

[SL 10:45:23]: You are welcome!

[SL 10:45:40]: Bye now, and good luck with everything!

[Travish 10:45:58]: THANKS!!!!!!

Travish’s Commentary:

I almost wrote about the Rude Awakening, but I thought the slingshot suplex would be better for a history paper since it is older!


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