Contacting the Undertaker

Does anyone know how to contact him?
Once I got suspended for doing the Tombstone Piledriver on some kid in class

20:46 Travish i need the undertakers address and email address (this is for a class)

20:47 Celebrity Contact Libarian Hello. Undertakers are usually associated with a particular funeral home. Are you looking for a particular undertaker? In what location?

20:47 Travish yes, the undertaker. he lives in death valley i think

20:50 CCL I suppose you’re referring to the wrestler?

20:50 Travish yes, Mr. Matthews told me i need his address and email address

20:52 CCL The Undertaker’s real name is Mark William Calaway. I’m checking to see if I can find any contact information for him.

20:53 Travish thanks!

20:54 CCL Here is one link that refers to his address but I cannot vouch for its accuracy:

20:55 Travish excellent thanks! do you know his email address?

20:55 CCL Here’s his Facebook page:

20:56 CCL Here’s his Twitter:

20:57 CCL That’s all I can find for him. I hope that helps.

20:57 Travish do you think i could ask twitter to give me his email address? i know you need an email address to sign up for twitter

21:00 CCL I doubt very much he would give out his email address. Here’s the agency that claims to represent him (his agent). Maybe you could contact them:

21:00 Travish ok THANKS for your help!

21:00 CCL You’re welcome. Good luck.

21:00 Travish my name is Travish

Travish’s Commentary:
I told Mr. Matthews to Rest In Peace and he told me he can only rest peacefully when I’m not around.


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