The History of the Midnight Express

Loverboy Dennis, Jim Cornette, and Beautiful Bobby at a library
Loverboy Dennis, Jim Cornette, and Beautiful Bobby – The Midnight Express.  Pictured here at the library

Listen to this song while reading:

Hello this is Travish.  This is my paper on the history of the Midnight Express.  Who are the Midnight Express?  I haven’t gotten to that point yet.  When I get to that point, you will know.

Ok the Midnight Express were a tag team from the 80’s.  Some say they were the greatest tag team of all time.  I say it’s either them or the Rock ‘n Roll Express.  Tony Schiavone said the Andersons.  WWE would probably say something stupid like Sahwn Michaels and HHH.  Vince McMahon, if you are reading this, you are a COMPLETE IDIOT.  Also, tell Stephanie I hate her and she is stupid.

I did research for this paper.  I asked a librarian about the Midnight Express.  The librarian gave me a ECNYCLOPEDIA link.  Not Wikipedia.  Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia said that the Midnight Express formed in 1980 with Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, and Norvell Austin (Encyclopedia 1).  They said they didn’t get the name from the movie, but because they wore all black, had black cars, and partied all night.  My dad should be in a team called the Atari Express because that’s all he does all day.

In 1983 those other two guys left and Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Jim Cornette joined.  Loverboy Dennis was still there.  That was his name but I forgot to say it earlier.  Jim Cornette wasn’t a wrestler, he was their manager.  If you didn’t know that then you have got to be the dumbest person to ever read.

This was the good version of the Midnight Express.  They won ALOTS of championships and wrestled the Rock ‘n Roll Express and the Road Warriors and even the New Breed.  The New Breed were time travelers from 2001 and said Dusty Rhodes was president then.  They must have messed up the space-time continuum because that didn’t happen in our timeline.

Loverboy Dennis Condrey left the NWA in 1987.  Jim Cornette and Beautiful Bobby replaced him with Sweet Stan Lane.  This was also the good version of the Midnight Express.  They beat Arn and Tully!  Then they were against the “Original Midnight Express”.  When Loverboy Dennis left the NWA, he went to the AWA and teamed with Randy Rose to be the “Original Midnight Express”.  Paul E. Dangerously was their manager.  They were stupid so why would I talk about them?  I won’t.  I will not talk about them ever again.

Later the Midnight Express wrestled the Dynamic Dudes and then Flyin’ Bryan and the Z Man.  Then Jim Cornette and Sweet Stan left.

Beautiful Bobby did the Alabama Jam.  That is a leg drop off the top rope.  It’s WAY better than Racist Hulk Hogan’s leg drop.  Was it called the Alabama Jam when he was in the Midnight Express?  I don’t think it was.  Sweet Stan knew karate and was a former Myrtle Beach life guard and Ric Flair taught him how to wrestle.  Jim Ross said these things in every match Sweet Stan ever had.  Loverboy Dennis was good to.  Jim Cornette used a tennis racket and threw an ATOMIC FIREBALL in Ron Garvin’s face.  He shouldn’t of been suspended for this.  But he was.

Ok I think I have written enough.  This concludes my history paper on the Midnight Express.  Thank you.  And a special note to Mr. Matthews.  If I don’t get a good grade on this then you can suck it.



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