Mr. Matthews – A Poem

Today is the last day of school before break. Actually, there are some more days before break, but I’m not going to those days so it is the last day for me, okay? On the last day, we always have a Christmas party. We have to write a speech and read it to class. Sometimes, kids will rap their speech. Sort of like K-Kwik. I don’t do it like that. The girls will usually say something stupid and no one listens. I usually wrote a poem. One Time I wrote it about Donkey Kong and some elves and Jose Canseco. That was a good poem, but Mr. Matthews didn’t listen to the important parts. He just started talking about Donkey Kong to the whole class. I know everything about Donkey Kong! For example, I know they used to have it at the OLD Godfather’s Pizza, but this was before that Godfather’s closed down. There is a new Godfather’s, but it doesn’t have Donkey Kong. It doesn’t even have Ms. Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man, if you can hear me: This is Travish, and everybody misses you.

I wrote a poem for my class. This time, everybody listened. even the girls (remember, they are dumb). I think that everyone wanted to hear my poem because it was good, but I also did this to make SURE everyone listened:


I told them if they listened carefully, they would hear the truth about Mr. Matthews. I also told them this poem was haunted. This poem is not really haunted because only houses are haunted you idiot. But I told them that and they sure listened.

I just remembered I bet I sent that poem about Donkey Kong to everyone on Twitter but I didn’t get many comments. I think people just forgot to read it or I would get even more comments. I don’t remember if I got a Re Tweet.

When I read Twitter I just shake my head because Twitter is just pathetic. Twitter: You need Travish. Without Travish, would you even be Twitter? No you would not.

Most of my poems are the best poems on Twitter. This poem is not the best poem on Twitter but it is the best PICTURE on Twitter. When you combine the picture and the poem, THEN it becomes the best poem on Twitter. (It is KIND of like a Transformer if you think about it). On the other hand, There is another picture on Twitter that I drew of a woman in her bathing suit and it is probably a better picture than this if you know what I mean. Think about that.

I also wanted to tell you That Greg is an idiot.

Mr Mathews Said. By Travish the King Jericho
My names not really Travish the King Jericho, but if you see Chris Jericho tell him thats my name.

Mr. Mathews Said
Report on Hemmingway!
It was due yesterday
Instead I read Double A
And just threw away
the old man in the sea
And watched NWA

Mr. Matthews Said
“F.” this is my final decision
let’s not have another collision
Do your long division
But I drew with great precision
My favorite wrestler
The champion of television

Mr Matthews Said
There better not be a delay
Your grade is not okay
your brain needs an x-ray
But I wrote a poetic display
about the man
that beat Magnum T.A.

Mr Matthews Said
What are you going to be
When you reach maturity?
You will be a nobody!
I gave him a DDT
That hurt him exactly
Like Arn Anderson
Breaking Santa’s Knee

Merry Christmas Mr. Matthews.

Arn Anderson celebrating Christmas
Arn Anderson celebrating Christmas

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