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Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

What is your QUESTION.


Ask me ANY questions.

And additionally, my blog will provide the most accurate AND UP TO DATE information.  Example: if you want to know more about vegetables, than I will tell you the easiest way to identify one SCIENTIFICALLY is that they never EVER have seeds.  This is a reasonaly conclusion to make, after you have done as much research as I have and I have done alot of research (especially in SCIENCE).


(These are NOT fruits).

Are you reading this, than you can write YOU’re own blog to.  If you reading this, than you can write YOU’re own blog to.   I’m going to give you some tips but first this is youre opportunity to ask me any question because if i don’t know it then you BETTER believe I can find out the answer.  Another example of this is that ALL of my papers (scolarly research) is at LEAST three (3) pages minimum, typed.  I’ll try not to write THAT long of an answer to youre questions, unless you really need a long answer.  (I’m only keeping the answer short because on the internet less is more, but on a three page minimum assignment: more is more).

please type your questions in the comment box below.  remember to include youre name.  (Mine is TRAVISH).Image

(Ask yourself: Do they have seeds?)

I have to go because my arms are reall sore from weightlifting and i have better take a shower from weightlifting.


I should really call it LATElifting 😦

(reminder: i do NOT like community service.)




About Me

Basically my name is Travish.  I enjoy listening to Meat Loaf, writing blogs and arm wrestling.  That’s what I do, it’s what I do best.

My least favorite things are community service.

In summation, I like:

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(reminder: I do not like community service).